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Why Does my Girlfriend Keep Questioning Our Relationship?

Why Does my Girlfriend Keep Questioning Our Relationship?

Thank you for visiting me here at Today I discuss Richard’s question about his relationship issue with his girlfriend (Kerri) of 2 years. (They are both 28 years old.)

Dear Sybersue,

My girlfriend Kerri keeps asking me questions about why things are so different between us. She doesn’t feel as if I am very interested or invested in her or our partnership anymore. We see each other regularly, although we do not live together and have no plans to do so in the immediate future.

Things have been pretty good for the last 2 years so why is she feeling so insecure about our relationship all of a sudden?


Hi Richard,

Thank you for your email. It inspired me to do a video on your question as it is such a popular topic among many couples who don’t communicate as well as they should about the future of their partnership.

Being committed to someone for two years is a big deal for many women. They are not willing to hang around for years with a guy who isn’t ready to get married and start a family anymore. They are being more assertive with what they want these days.

Richard, it doesn’t sound like you have really talked much about your future with Kerri and the fact that you don’t live together or have any plans to do so is most likely making her feel like she is not important to you.

At this stage in your partnership, you need to give her some reassurance that you are totally committed or you need to let her go.

If you are not ready to at least have “the talk” after two years, then keeping her on hold is what is making her feel insecure. She is not seeing any changes within your relationship and doesn’t want to continue on without the acknowledgment that you are there for the long hall.

Men don’t have the same biological clock that women have so they often don’t understand the rush in making a relationship so permanent. Many women start getting restless about motherhood in their late twenties so hanging around waiting to get engaged for 5 years just isn’t happening as much anymore.

Richard, there needs to be a reciprocated discussion with Kerri to ensure that you are both on the same page with what you want for your future. This should have been brought up when you first decided to be exclusive together and you shouldn’t need more than 2 years to figure out what you want in your relationship.

It is so important to have great communication skills within the confines of your personal relationship. Let her know what you’re thinking!

You obviously love her or you wouldn’t have written to me here with your concerns. Don’t be the last to know she is ready to move on without you. A little compromise and understanding go a long way in a partnership.

Please watch the video above and keep me posted!

Sybersue xo<3

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