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Why does the girl I am dating not want a relationship but wants to see me every day?

Regardless of why she is sending these very mixed signals, it’s not a good thing to go into a lopsided situation if you want different things. You have to both be on the same page for things to work or it’s not going to end well.

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Why Does my Girlfriend Keep Questioning Our Relationship?

If you are not ready to at least have “the talk” after two years, then keeping her on hold is what is making her feel insecure. She is not seeing any changes within your relationship and doesn’t want to continue on without the acknowledgment that you are there for the long hall.

Relationship Help! My Partner Wants me to Relocate for His New Job!

Don’t uproot your entire life for someone if your heart isn’t into it or it just doesn’t fit into a lifestyle that is important to you. Leaving everything you love for an unknown circumstance really needs to be thought out carefully and not just because one of you wants it.