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Why Do I Always Ignore the Big Red Flags in New Relationships?

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Why Do I Always Ignore the Big Red Flags in New Relationships? Today on Dear Sybersue I discuss this common problem that many people overlook at the beginning of a new partnership.

Red Flags are big warning signs that you should be paying close attention to when you are first getting to know someone. The fact that you are “ignoring” these flags shows that you know they are there, but you would rather put up with them in a relationship than be single and lonely.

Hanging around and hoping things will eventually get better is not a healthy scenario to put yourself it. You need to be true to yourself and not shortchange your happiness to be in a relationship with someone not suited for you. We all need to compromise in our partnerships but these big red flags are not little relationship annoyances, they are deal-breakers!

What is considered a Big Red Flag?
  1. When someone tells you they are not into having a committed relationship.
  2. If they tell you they do not want to get married and it is important to you.
  3. They do not ever want to have children but you do.
  4. Your gut is telling you to run!
  5. They are emotionally detached and shut down.
  6. They are possessive and very jealous.
  7. You feel dismissed and often ignored with your viewpoint.
  8. They constantly talk about their Ex!
  9. They belittle you and talk down to you in public.
  10. You are not on the same sexual page. (This is a show topic all on it’s own!)

The one lesson I have learned in my life; when something is a very big issue between a couple in the early stages, it usually gets even worse over time.

Your partner should be an extension of who you already are as a person. They should not be able to come in and control your life or your emotional well-being. Having respectful boundaries will keep you from repeating this type of relationship pattern.

Hoping they will change!

If you go into a relationship thinking you can eventually change the things that are missing or those red flags that are waving loudly in the wind, you will end up being very disappointed. This is a big mistake because it’s not your job to try to change anyone into being the partner you are looking for and they will probably resent your actions in the end.

The reason we all date is to find the special person that we are compatible with. Nothing is ever perfect but if we continue to overlook the priorities that are very important to us, we will continue to stay stuck in unfulfilling partnerships.

We all want someone to share our life with and it can be difficult feeling alone.

It is imperative to have goals and hobbies that keep you busy and give your life purpose. When you have a full life you don’t feel the loneliness as often. You’re busy and you have things to look forward to on a regular basis.

This positive and confident energy also attracts more people towards you because you have lots to talk about and you are fun to be around! You are not relying on a partner to make you feel whole. You are comfortable in your own skin and it shows!

Whenever you see an unhealthy pattern forming in your relationships it is always a great idea to take some time away from dating. If everything is always ending in a similar way, you are choosing a repetitive type of partner that isn’t a good match for you.

Strong relationships don’t produce a lot of drama-filled scenarios or a one-sided unrequited love. When a couple is invested in maintaining a reciprocated connection with one another, it is because they both really care and understand the importance of nurturing their partnership. They truly get it and there aren’t any big red flags!

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