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What Advice Would You Give to a Single Guy Who Wants to be in a Relationship?

Before I completely scare you off, people are still ending up in very compatible and loving relationships. Like anything in life worth having, it is worth the struggle to achieve the outcome. Once you know what to avoid and what to look for, it’s not as difficult as it appears. It’s actually common sense and a belief that you deserve great things, a relationship being one of them.

Some men and women sabotage their own happiness because they don’t believe they deserve love. It’s an ongoing dialogue of self-doubt that we all have at one time or another during certain times of our life. This is normal, but it is important to get to the root of why those thoughts are controlling your future relationships.

Whether you have grasped the understanding of the law of attraction or not, this may be the time to comprehend, “how your thoughts do become things.” This is something I have learned myself over the years, is that when you keep focusing on things in a fearful or negative way, they continue to come toward you. You are attracting them because that is where your energy lies.

If you change up your thinking and be grateful for even the smallest things in your life, you really do reap the benefits of continuing to have that positive outlook. It just feels too good not to have it. This change might not happen overnight, but it will eventually. At the very least, you will come across much happier to the people you meet going forward.

Erase those sayings that you have been holding onto and alter the way you show up. Include a few daily mantras to keep you believing and focus on what your true desires are. “I am ready to meet the woman I am going to share a loving partnership with.” “I am worthy of love and, I am excited to meet the love of my life who is on her way to me.”

You get where I am going here, those are just a few examples of showing you how to believe in yourself and send those positive vibrations outward.

Here are 15 Tips to follow when you are out dating and ready to meet your special person

  1. The first step is to make sure that you’re ready to be in a relationship and to know what you are looking for in a partnership.
  2. Get out of the house and socialize as often as possible. Be open to trying online dating or join some meetup groups or clubs in your city to broaden your social circle.
  3. Have some realistic expectations and healthy boundaries with the women you are dating. Listen to your instincts and don’t let someone treat you disrespectfully. Walk away.
  4. Treat a woman how you would want to be treated.
  5. Be authentic to who you are and stay away from getting caught up in any drama or game playing.
  6. Show her your confident side. Confidence is a very attractive quality and women love it! It shows that you are secure with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. Cockiness or arrogance is not defined as confidence!
  7. Be careful giving out too much information. Women don’t need to know every detail about you on the first few dates. Leave a little mystery so that she looks forward to seeing you again.
  8. Take your time getting to know someone you are dating. Show her you are interested and be consistent when you see her, but don’t jump in on all fours!
  9. Don’t pay attention to the harsh dating rules out there. Focus on what is happening between the two of you. If you want to text her after a date, do so, just be careful not to bombard her with numerous texts every day thereafter.
  10. Be creative with your date plans and your conversations with her. Make sure the communication is reciprocated.
  11. Pay attention to red flags or any mixed signals that you are noticing. Be up front early on with her about this. Call her on things you are concerned about. Listen closely to what she says. If she isn’t interested in a committed relationship, it is important to move on. You are ready for a partner, not someone who is just into playing the field.
  12. Do not make sex the priority on those first few dates. You are not interested in just having a hookup, so stay away from having sexual conversations or intense intimacy of any sort. Get to know her and see if you really like each other before you sleep together. You want her to trust you and feel safe with you.
  13. Show her your fun side! Be playful with her! She doesn’t need to know your 5-year plan or that you want 3 kids and the house with the white picket fence. Leave the serious talk for later.
  14. Having a sense of humour is an aphrodisiac. Laughter will keep her coming back for more of you. Life is so serious these days, and we all need to be able to let go and enjoy a good belly laugh with our partner.
  15. Be a gentleman, despite what you think women may or may not want these days. There are so many conversations on what a guy should or shouldn’t do. If you treat her with kindness and proper human etiquette, then you are being true to who you are as a man and showing her that wonderful side of yourself as well.

If you date with a positive outlook and give your energy to the right women, it can be a very exciting journey for you. You’re looking for a partner you can have a committed relationship with, so please don’t expect things to happen quickly. Getting frustrated after only a few months of dating isn’t going to help you get closer to meeting your person. If love was that easy to find, then it probably wouldn’t be as special or as important as it really is in all of our lives.

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  1. Date for a Month first have at least 5 things in common and make sure your spiritual beliefs are in common.

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