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How Do I Get My Girlfriend to Stop Posting Endless Photos On Our Dates?

Today on Dear Sybersue I answer the question: How Do I Get My Girlfriend to Stop Posting Endless Photos On Our Dates?

Dear Sybersue,

I am so tired of the endless selfies and Instagram stories my girlfriend posts every time we go out! On most of our dates, her head is down, constantly looking at her phone! I don’t want any part of it, but we end up in arguments if I don’t commit to at least one photo each time. Even her friends are fed up with it and have mentioned this to her many times.

I have told her I am getting really fed up and to be honest I’m starting to lose interest in her because her priority definitely isn’t our relationship! I was willing to compromise, but she doesn’t seem to know what that means. We have been together for 1 year now, and I do love her, but I am beyond annoyed.

What would you suggest I do in this situation?

Thank you, Daniel

This scenario affects many couples due to the popularity of social media today. Posting selfies and numerous photos are becoming the priority over spending quality time with their partners. In your case, Daniel, you have asked your girlfriend to respect your concern over this problem, and she is continuing to ignore your request. The fact that her friends have also expressed their feelings on the matter shows that she definitely doesn’t have her priorities in order.

She is placing more importance on getting the right photo up rather than enjoying her romantic time with you on your date. This isn’t OK when it is happening every night you go out together as a couple. There is proper etiquette that she should be paying attention to, especially when someone does not want their photo taken and posted publicly. It can also cause problems in people’s careers if there are questionable social media photos uploaded during a big night out.

Unfortunately, your girlfriend may end up learning a lesson the hard way because her friends, and you, may eventually end up walking away from her. It is not an enjoyable evening when the person you are with has their head buried in their phone all night. It is not only dismissive, but it is also very rude.

You have been together for a year, and she is still not comprehending that her behaviour is now making you question your relationship with her. If you haven’t told her this yet, you should do so. She might take it more seriously if she understands that you are now at this point in your partnership.

Set some respectful boundaries
  1. When you go out together, put your phones away, so there isn’t any temptation for either of you to look at them.
  2. Ask her to respect your right to privacy and not to post any photos of you on social media. (Unless it is a special occasion and, you discuss it first.)
  3. Tell your girlfriend you will get up and leave if she continues to spend time on her phone when you are out with her.
  4. Be open and honest about your feelings with her and how her phone addiction is sabotaging your relationship.

It takes two people to make or break a relationship, so it is important to understand that part of your role is to always respect yourself. You might have let things go on for too long before you voiced your opinion on this problem, or you haven’t reacted strongly enough to her rude behaviour. Whatever the situation is, you still love her, so it is worth the effort in trying to improve things in your partnership.

If your girlfriend still chooses to ignore your boundaries after all this, it might be time to ask yourself what you are getting out of your relationship. It shouldn’t be that difficult for her to put her phone down and prioritize the love you share together as a couple. If she can’t do that, then I guess you will have your answer on where you stand with each other moving forward.

Sybersue xo <3

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