She Blew off our First Date Last Minute! Do I Give Her Another Chance?

She Blew off our First Date Last Minute! Do I Give Her Another Chance?

In today’s video above I discuss Mark’s question about a girl he met online who blew off their first date last minute without even giving him a reason! He wants to know if he should give her another chance and set up another date.

Why is dating in the millennium so difficult and why is there so little respect for other people’s time? 

The biggest problem with meeting someone online is you are not the only person they are communicating with. This leads to fickle behavior due to the other options available! You may be texting them regularly and then all of a sudden things come to a sudden halt between you both for no damn reason that you can see!

This becomes very difficult to deal with and takes a big toll on your self esteem!

Some men and women become addicted to “but what if there is someone better out there,” and keep their dating profile as active as a pin ball machine for fear of missing out on an even better conquest that just might meet there extreme checklist.

The trouble with all of this is that people are lonelier than ever today because there are so many games being played; which sabotages anyone finding a real relationship!

Mark isn’t the only one confused on what to do when someone ghosts you on a date but if you always respect yourself first and pay attention to the early red flags in any dating situation, then you will bring yourself closer to eventually meeting the right person.

The more crap you allow in your life the more crap that seems to happen right?

When you stop giving the wrong people numerous chances to keep proving how wrong they are for you, then you have learned a valuable life lesson!

Don’t pine over someone who ghosted you. You really didn’t know them anyway. Thank “The Universe” that it saved you from having to deal with all the drama that would have certainly unfolded with this person.

You dodged a lot more than a little rejection from someone who obviously is void of human etiquette.

I definitely give my opinion on this question but what would you do? Please watch the video above and leave your comments below!

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Here Are Some Great Reasons to Go on That Second Date!

Here Are Some Great Reasons to Go on That Second Date!

In today’s weekly video upload Dear Sybersue discusses the great reasons to go on that second date. Don’t let a good one slip through your picky checklist!

So many men and women are fed up with dating and have become a little jaded with the selection or “lack of” suitable people they want to spend time with. Pay attention on the first date and look past those early judgments. Give them a chance but of course you should always listen to your gut instincts for any dangerous red flags.

I am hoping that the reason you stopped by to read this post is because you still believe in love and relationships.  You understand that your attitude and confidence are important factors to meeting a potential partner. You “get it” that you are in charge of who you attract towards you.

We are all equipped with having the ability to make choices in our lives. If you choose to live in a happy optimistic environment, people will want to be around you.

It is the same thing when you are out on a date; what do you offer to get their attention?

  • Are you relaxed and fun to be around?
  • Do you add light-hearted humor to the conversation?
  • Are you playful and have a reciprocated interaction with them?
  • Can you be your authentic self around them?
  • You understand that early judgments or picky checklist conversations are a negative behaviour that blocks having a connection with them.
  • You are able to open up with a flirtatious confidence that make them want more of you.

We all are so quick to judge others these days and this causes problems in our personal lives when it comes to being in a committed relationship. There is a “saboteur villain” lurking deep within us that rears its ugly head each time we put ourselves back out in the dating and relationship pool.

Rejection makes us CRAZY! 

The main reason for this is because those past problems we had with our EX’s haven’t completely been resolved. We carry them forward.

Take the good things from your past experiences and look for more of that with each person you come in contact with romantically. There is always something wonderful you learned in your last relationship, don’t dwell on the negative things.

No one wants to be around Debbie or Dick Downer.

Have you had a great first date that led to something more? Please tell share this in the comment section below the post!  I love to hear from viewers & often answer their relationship and dating questions on my show and advice column as a topic choice.

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#TBT Video: What Women Want From a Man

#TBT #Throwbackthursday

My co-host Steve and I did this video over 4 years ago but since it is “throw back Thursday” I wanted to share this with you. Do I still feel the same way today and would I answer with the same comments?

I think men and women are pretty complicated in 2016 and how  we portray ourselves out in the dating world; but when it comes right down to it we all want the same thing – to be loved and respected. It sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Unfortunately it is not an easy accomplishment for many people.

We’ve changed with how we interact and seem to be a lot more judgey than we were in the past.  Both men and women will have to change things up in a big way if they want to have a reciprocated loving partnership down the road. Courtship now consists of one date and if we don’t like what we see right away, we are off to a new conquest swipe on Tinder or some other dating site. Self esteem issues are affecting more people than ever due to daily online or first date rejections.

There is something to say for the old school way of dating! Boy meets girl in person, flirts a little, asks her out, kisses her at the front door after their first date, he calls her the next day and sets up the second date!

Now there are so many rules and expectations that people don’t know what to do anymore! Due to unrealistic checklists for both men and women, many potential relationships are sabotaged before they are even given a chance! As I have written in other posts, both sexes are starting to get defensive, jaded and angry because they can’t find the love they are looking for. Why is that? Because they are too picky and judgemental!

We all have flaws and we all have great attributes. Your checklist needs to be revised & should only consist of a few important things:

  1. Integrity
  2. Respectful
  3. Kind
  4. Loving & affectionate
  5. Communicative
  6. Chemistry (emotional and sexual)

There will always be a few non-negotiable things that are really important to you but they should not consist of shallow demands. Let’s all lighten up a little and learn to “like”each other again. We are all great & we all have something to offer. Don’t look for ways to extinguish your happiness; look for positive ways to ignite it! ❤

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