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Should I Reply to My Boyfriend Who Just Broke up With Me Over A Text?

Today on Dear Sybersue we discuss: Should I Reply to My Boyfriend Who Just Broke up With Me Over A Text?

Texting as a communication source is becoming a big problem today! The convenience of texting over making a phone call or chatting in person has left a lot of people somewhat lazy. Many texts can be convoluted or cryptic in their delivery, which leaves us all confused as to what is actually being said or, in many cases, not said!

It is important to remember that when someone is committed to having a relationship with you, they do not send you a breakup text or ghost you cold turkey. Maintaining your self-respect is so critical because how you deal with the end of a partnership plays a big role in your confidence and in how you move forward.

There are often some signs when someone is starting to pull away.

It is wise to always pay close attention to any slight alterations within your partnership. If there were changes in how your Ex communicated with you, he may have been slowly checking out of having a committed connection.

  • Did he spend less time with you due to last minute excuses?
  • Did his work schedule suddenly increase?
  • Was he spending more time with his friends than usual?
  • Was he less communicative with you?
  • Did the frequency of your sex life change?
  • Did he seem removed or quieter than normal?
  • Was he often argumentative? Did it feel like he was looking for a fight?

When someone is invested in their partnership with you, they don’t shut you out, and they certainly don’t send you a goodbye text leaving you wondering what the Hell happened. Leaving things unsaid is a recipe for disaster. Pretending things are OK, or that they will just eventually blow over, is living in denial. You should be able to address everything with the man that you love, as he should be able to with you as well.

I personally think it would be a good idea to send him a reply.

You will probably feel a little better saying something to your Ex, even if it is just a short message telling him how disappointed you are with how he handled the breakup. You gave him your heart, so he should respect you enough to hear what you have to say on this matter.

You could say something like: “I would have really appreciated it if you could have been upfront and honest with me if you had moved on from our relationship, rather than break up with me over a text without any explanation as to why you are ending things. I feel very disrespected and hurt by your abrupt departure. I thought you valued our partnership more than this. I wish you well, and I will refrain from texting you in the future.”

Your ex may not respond, but at least it will help you get some closure by sending him your thoughts. It is difficult moving on from a breakup if you don’t get a chance to participate and express your feelings about what transpired. Not having respectful closure in a breakup can leave you emotionally stuck for a long time.

If You do get the opportunity to talk to your Ex face to face, do so.

Being able to discuss the breakup together in person can really help you in future relationships. There may be a few things you both contributed to the demise of your partnership. This is important information that can help you both in other relationships down the road. This is the healthy and mature way to handle things, but some people take the coward’s way out, such as your ex-boyfriend did in this case.

Whatever you choose to do, stay classy and move on with grace. It is never easy going through a breakup, but there are always lessons to learn within each partnership we have in our lives. It takes two people to “make or break” a relationship, so own your part in what didn’t work, no matter how small it may seem. You allowed your boyfriend into your life for a reason, and it is important to understand what that reason was for you to be able to move on completely.

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