Relationship Advice for Women: He Should Be the Olive to Your Martini!

Today’s Topic is Relationship Advice for Women: He Should Be the Olive to Your Martini!

The best and right time to meet someone is when your life is full and you are in a happy place. You have to have room in your heart to let him in, but he shouldn’t be your entire existence.

Once you have your own life purpose and you are passionate about getting up in the morning, you are ready to add a healthy loving partner into your world.

Don’t rely on someone else to make you feel whole, because they should be an extension of who you are and not the main course. You should not be living in his shadow because you have your own amazing persona and attributes to express.

We tend to get things mixed up and either put all our energy into our partners, ignoring our own needs, or putting all our energy into ourselves, ignoring our partner’s needs.

There is a happy medium that works!

Off course you want to make him feel special and show him that he is a priority to you, but not at the expense of giving up your own dreams and goals that you would like to achieve.

Gone are the days of June and Ward Cleaver!!  Somehow I just can’t see myself dusting, vacuuming and cooking wearing my best dress, apron and pearls!

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Thankfully things have changed a lot for women over the last 50 years but we still have a long way to go.

Women still need to learn how to empower each other rather than compete with one another. We also have to respect our own desires and not let anyone rip down the core of who we authentically are.

You have a voice and a choice about how you live your life.

Go for what you really want and do not settle for less because you think it may be easier, or you feel you are getting too old for all the diversity life has to offer.

That’s what keeps you young and real ladies!

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