How to Make 1st Dates Less Stressful!

In the video above I talk about first dates and how to alleviate the common stress that comes along with meeting someone new for the first time.

So many men and women do not get past the 1st date due to anxiety, shyness, self-sabotage or high maintenance expectations. You need to learn how to be OK with your authentic self and not be intimidated with meeting anyone.

No one is better than anyone else so try not to put so much emphasis on how people just feel about you; you have to like them too! It is a two-way street and we all view attraction differently.  Always taking it personally will only play havoc with your self-esteem.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and thankfully we don’t all go for the same types!

You may be very drawn to intelligence or a great sense of humor. It’s not always just about physical appearance as the number 1 reason for falling in love with someone. Although, our insecurities tend to think that it is primarily only about how we look!

You are not going to be a match with everyone and if they don’t feel drawn towards you on a first date, that is totally normal and natural. It shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack that there is something wrong with you because they didn’t feel a connection with you.

It means you were supposed to meet someone better suited for you. The Universe is on your side and wants you to be happy!  🙂

We don’t have chemistry with everyone we meet. There would be a lot more infidelity out there if we did!

Unfortunately, rejection plays a big part in who we choose to hang onto physically and internally in our relationships. The sooner we learn this, the faster we get to where we are meant to be in a loving partnership.

If we keep giving priority to those inner demons from our past relationship experiences, we will continue to repeat the exact same things that we want to move away from.

First dates need to be casual and low key! Let go of the pressure and just enjoy each encounter that comes your way. You will keep evolving with each new experience, which is a great thing!

Please watch the video posted above to see how to make things easier and less stressful on that first date.

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