Relationship Advice: Be Kind and Affectionate to Your Partner Every Day!

Relationship Advice Be Kind and Affectionate to Your Partner Every Day! Too many couples are putting their relationships on the bottom of the priority list!

People are forgetting to do the little things that keep a long term partnership in a happy place. Being kind, loving and affectionate on a daily basis will keep the fires burning at home for many years to come.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to maintain the love between a couple. A little effort goes a very long way.

If you or your partner are feeling insecure, lonely, sad or insignificant in your relationship, then something has seriously shifted between the two of you. When you start to question how emotionally connected you are with your partner, is when your relationship begins a downward spiral.

If you both take a few minutes every day to do something kind for each other, it will always keep you close. Adding affectionate hugs/kisses throughout the day will keep that chemistry you had in the early stages, flowing for years to come.

When you feel unconditionally loved by them it naturally makes you want to reciprocate that love back towards them.

When a couple makes each other a priority, there aren’t any questions with how their partner feels about them. That is half the battle in long committed relationships. If you don’t feel special or don’t feel appreciated on a regular basis, things will eventually change within the dynamics of your partnership.

Hold on to the love and what brought you together in the first place.

Of course things naturally tend to fizzle a little bit over the years in the lust department, but you can still have a romantic life together by loving each other with small acts of kindness and affection.

  • Hold hands while watching TV together or taking a neighborhood stroll.
  • Kiss and hug each other hello and goodbye every day.
  • Give each other daily compliments.
  • Buy each other small gifts when there isn’t a special occasion.
  • Listen to each other and give them your full attention.
  • Kiss each other passionately every day.
  • Make an effort to look good for each other all the time. Don’t become complacent or lazy.
  • Make love at least once/twice per week. Sex should never become obsolete in a relationship. It is extremely important!
  • Send sweet texts to each other throughout the day and leave romantic notes.
  • Support your partner when they need help or they are dealing with something difficult. Always have their back.
  • The household chores are not just one person’s job. It is a partnership so both of you need to step up.
  • Plan a regular date night doing something fun! No kids, no pets, just the two of you.

These things mentioned above are not difficult to implement into your relationship. They are simple gestures that show your partner you care and love them. They are number 1 in your life and they should always feel like they are.

Please watch the video above and let me know what you do to keep your relationship in a healthy loving place. I really enjoy hearing from you and I will always take time to answer you back.

Please leave your comments below! Thank you!

Sybersue xo <3

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