Is Dating Taking an Emotional Toll on Your Self Esteem?

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Todays’ topic: Is Dating Taking an Emotional Toll on Your Self Esteem?

Have dating difficulties made you question things about yourself recently? Has your self-esteem taken a hit due to dating drama? When things become difficult or they negatively affect you on an emotional level, it is time to take a step back and clearly analyze what is going on.

You are in charge of who you are attracting towards you so it might be time to look at the patterns you may have created without even realizing it. Just because something is familiar to you doesn’t make it the right scenario.

Playing “press” on the repeat button will only bring your more of the same things that aren’t working!

Don’t let “dating rejection” tarnish your self-worth. Not everyone you meet is the right fit and that is OK!

You are meant to have love in your life but only with someone who is as special as you are. The respect has to be reciprocated. <3

You’re not going to marry every person you date so try not to take things personally when someone you barely know doesn’t feel a connection with you or you towards them.

If we take our egos out of the dating equation, we will always make smarter partner choices and life decisions all around.

Take your time and be particular about what is really important to you. Dating everybody and anybody is not only time consuming but can leave you feeling disheartened when you have nothing in common with each person you meet.

You wouldn’t apply for a job you weren’t interested in, would you? Having healthy values and some relationship expectations is a good thing! We all have different desires when it comes to a committed partnership because we are all unique.

Please watch the video above and let me know what you think about this subject. What has worked for you and what tips would you offer to others? I will always take time to answer you back.

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