How to Find a Relationship the Old Fashioned Way!

How to Find a Relationship the Old Fashioned Way!

Today on Dear Sybersue I decided to film a video and write a post on the topic: How to Find a Relationship the Old Fashioned Way!

Online dating can be really frustrating for some people but that isn’t the only way to meet a potential partner in the millennium. Mingle-type scenarios are making a big comeback because men and women need to have that face to face connection again.

You can only read so many dating profiles and repetitively scroll through hundreds of online photos before you want to scream and give up on the whole tedious process! So many great men and women get passed by in the process due to the frustration of this time-consuming task.

How can you possibly get any chemistry or pheromones through the computer? There isn’t any “body language” visualization and you certainly can’t look in their eyes to get a real feel for who they are! This only happens in when you meet someone in person.

OK, you’re right, it’s time to meet someone but I have some questions on how to do this mingling thing.

  • Where do I go to mingle with other people?
  • I’m over 40, I’m not comfortable doing the bar scene.
  • All my friends are in a relationship, who can I go out with?
  • I’m so busy and don’t have a lot of time to get out socializing;
  • I’m a bit jaded with past dating experiences how do I believe in romance again?

There are venues and events in your city that offer this type of setting. One of them is DNA romance where you are matched with DNA from people who attend the evening. Everyone brings a T-shirt they have worn for a few nights (cologne/perfume/scent free) to the event and the hosts will match you using their special DNA technique. You can also sign up online, follow the 3 steps on their website and start matchmaking right away!

Speed dating is another way to mingle and meet people face to face. There are evenings set up for different age demographics which are available at your google fingertips in your city.

Where I live in Vancouver, Spark Dating has a great selection of speed dating events and different age demographics. Check out what is available in your city as it is a really fun evening where you will meet a number of people. There is a time limit with each person you meet and then you are required to move on to chat with someone else. Make sure you have some great questions ready to go before the evening starts.

There is also that has all sorts of inexpensive groups and activities that you can join and sign up for. It won’t be a dating group per se, but it will allow you to meet others who enjoy similar outings as yourself.

Just type in your city in the search bar and what things you would like to attend. It could be a wine/art class, a hiking group, 40+ socializing, or a sports group. There is so much to choose from! You definitely won’t be lonely and you can join as many as you like.

These 3 things are a fantastic alternative to online dating or a great addition if you want to do them all. There is no age issue or problem with going by yourself as you will meet others who also attend these events alone.

If you are jaded about relationships or you are too busy with the other things in your life, you are not available or ready to date.

You are the one in charge of who you attract into your life! You have to have a positive attitude, leave the negativity behind and believe you deserve to have an incredible partnership. You have to make time for love, it is not always an easy path but it is always worth the time invested when you find it.

I really appreciate hearing what you have to say on this subject! Please leave your comments below. I will always take the time to answer you back.

Please click on the links below to try something new in the romance department?

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