Not all Men Want to Date Younger Women

It is frustrating with how many men and women label each other and sabotage their chances of finding love!

Not all men want younger women and not all women are gold diggers chasing after a guys wallet. There are so many singles out there who are pretty incredible but many people would rather harp on what isn’t working for them, than positively focusing on how they can meet these people!

How is complaining and labeling people into negative categories going to improve your love life?  Give people a chance without using the same rehearsed lines about how there’s no one out there for you!  Of course there is!

We all have special qualities that are attractive and it isn’t always an easy process to meet our person. Why should it be easy? You are going to spend the rest of your life with them so there needs to be a lot of things happening on a compatible level that make you a great fit as a couple.

Why do many people become so impatient when dating isn’t always a great experience?

That is why you date; to get you closer to knowing who is right for you and to have a reciprocated love with someone. There is a learning curve involved but that is OK. Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Next!

Life is full of twists and turns but that is what makes you grow as a person and keeps you from becoming complacent or bored.

If your life path was always on a smooth surface it wouldn’t give you the incentive to excel to be even more of who are and discover what your purpose is while you are living here on this amazing planet.

Giving yourself a timeline to meet someone is quite a common thing but shouldn’t be. This is what causes irrational decisions and frustration with many people. Love only happens when you are ready to receive it into your life.

I mean REALLY ready!

There is no internal turmoil and you are not struggling with knowing you deserve and want love in your life. Many people push it away without realizing it and sometimes it is just their inner thoughts that are doing it.

It’s time to change up those negative dating patterns and open up your heart. You have to believe to receive!

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