5 Important Things that Make a Really Great Relationship!

In the video posted above, I discuss the 5 Important Things that Make a Really Great Relationship.

Many couples are very happy together in the beginning of a relationship but then they start to let things slide over the years due to boredom, complacency and laziness. Why is that?

Are you taking your partner for granted and have you become almost too relaxed that they will always be there; so now you don’t have to try too hard anymore?

Why would you ever give up on keeping things amazing with your partner?

I’m pretty sure that you don’t you take that attitude with your job or your friendships, so why are so many couples not understanding how important it is to nurture the love in their relationship?

It’s mind boggling to me that the divorce statistics are still on the rise due to this exact reason.  

YES, a relationship takes work to keep it in a healthy place but it’s not that difficult to make things fresh and fun! Being with the same person for years on end can definitely be a challenge, but if you never allow it to become boring, it won’t be!

When you are choosing a life partner make sure the communication lines are really open and that there is a reciprocated emotional connection with each other. This needs to be at the top of your checklist when you are thinking of committing to a partner.

If you can’t talk openly and honestly with each other from the first stages of a new relationship, communication lines will break down and become problematic over time.

Always pay attention to what is transpiring in your partnership and don’t be the last to know there is trouble brewing at home!

I Love <3 to hear from both men and women & will always take time to answer you back. Please watch the video above to see if  those 5 important things that make a really great relationship are happening in your home.

Please leave your comments below! What do you do to keep your relationship in a great place?

Sybersue xo 


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