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My Ex Cheated On Me Had Another Relationship and a Year Later He Wants Me Back!

My Ex Cheated On Me Had Another Relationship and a Year Later He Wants Me Back!

Today I discuss a woman’s question on the platform Quora about her Ex wanting to come back into her life after leaving her to pick up the pieces of a broken heart for the past year.

I broke up with my boyfriend after he cheated on me, and blocked him after he found a new girlfriend. After a year, he contacts me, I ignore him, so he blames me for missing an opportunity to be with a person who loves me. What should I do?

I am curious how he contacted you again after you blocked him? Regardless, I would continue to ignore him because you will never trust him again. Not only did he cheat on you, but he was also with another girlfriend for a year right after he broke your heart. Now that he is probably single again he starts contacting you and he blames you for missing an opportunity to go back to his loving arms?? Wow, this guy is pretty cocky!

You did the right thing when this all initially happened.

You respected yourself and shut the door on your cheating boyfriend. You had some strong boundaries which is a really good thing. Don’t second guess yourself now.

You have had a year to get over him and deal with the pain of his infidelity, and bringing him back in now will only set you back. If you want to move forward and attract the right man towards you, keep doing what you have been doing. Put yourself first and listen to your instincts.

He blames you that you’re throwing away the one true guy that loved you!! He wants you back but isn’t apologizing for his actions and isn’t showing any remorse at all for how he treated you! That’s his idea of love? You’re a smart girl and you did the right thing a year ago when he cheated on you.

He is trying to manipulate the situation by telling you what you’re missing out on by not allowing him back into your life. The only thing that your missing out on is having him do the same thing to you again!

Why did it take him so long to come back if he regretted his actions? It sounds like he doesn’t know how to commit to a relationship or how to be alone either.

Unless the guy has had a lot of therapy I doubt his true character has changed that much. A person has to acknowledge there is a problem and “own their stuff” before they can fix things in their life. It doesn’t sound like that is the case here at all when it comes to your Ex.

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