Lifestyle Advice ~ Look Up and Start Talking to Each Other!

Lifestyle ‎Talk Show‬ with Susan McCord

This is not one of my own videos but I absolutely Love this one! What a great message! I always thought I was a bit weird because I smile & talk to everyone who comes near me and sometimes people look at me like I just escaped from an institution. But you know what? I don’t care because they eventually ‪‎”look up”‬ and engage with my persistence.

I am so glad you made this video ‪#Gary Turk‬ because people need to start talking again. Thank you for making others take notice of each other! ‪Social media‬ doesn’t have to make you unsocialable, you just have to know when to put your phone and laptop away! While you may think you are going to miss out on something online, you are missing out on things everyday standing right in front of you!

PS: This is a similar message I relay to people in my Talk Show Videos and Advice Column. If you want to find love and happiness in in your life, engage with others who cross your path. it’s never too late.
hugs, Susan <3

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  1. HI Susan, Thanks for your great advice! I am also very glad to watch this fantastic video! I’ll definitely discuss with others about this valuable post!

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