Infidelity: Water the Lawn at Your Own Home not Someone Else's!

Infidelity: Water the Lawn at Your Own Home not Someone Else’s!

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In the video above I discuss infidelity and stepping out on your partner while pretending to be in a solid partnership. Being blindsided by someone who you thought was loyal can destroy trust for many years to come. If you’re not invested in your relationship then have the courage to remove yourself before you bring someone else into the mix.

You owe them that much.

If you are unhappy with the way things are going in your partnership why are you hanging around? You know in your heart whether it can be repaired or if  there is a future with them. Leading someone on who thinks they are in a committed long term relationship is just prolonging an unhealthy and fake environment.

This is happening a lot right now with many couples. One of my most popular posts on this website is titled: Dear Sybersue I was in a 7 year Relationship When My Boyfriend suddenly left me!  (Check it out!)

Part of the problem is how difficult dating is in the Millennium and people don’t want to be alone. They would rather live in their unhappy situation than put themselves through the hardship of finding someone they could be happy with.  So they stay.

Here lies the problem.

Whenever a scenario offers the opportunity of a flirtatious encounter with someone (other than with your partner) it is eagerly jumped upon. Someone is paying attention to you! You react harmlessly at first, but subconsciously there is a newly lit desire springing to life!

You feel a little more alive and less lonely than you have been feeling.

This becomes a dangerous territory and hard to remove yourself from. The forbidden fruit of life’s temptations! The devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. We have all been there even though we see those red flags waving furiously in the wind!

But we ignore them…

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