I’m Tired Of My husband Taking Me For Granted

Today on Dear Sybersue I answer Andrea’s question; I’m Tired Of My husband Taking Me For Granted. Why does he do this?

Why do some people end up taking their partner for granted in their relationship?
Is it because they can?

If you don’t have some boundaries, a few of your own expectations, and respect for yourself, you may end up being in an unhealthy and lopsided situation. This doesn’t work long term and will end up being the demise of your relationship if you let it continue.

We all have our strong days and weak moments in our lifetime but a partnership needs to be nurtured and there has to be a reciprocated respect, even on those down days. You have to be there for each other at different times during your partnership. It’s not one person’s job to take care of everything.

If one partner is continually controlling, eventually there will be a built-up resentment on both sides.

The person being mistreated will eventually rebel and the one who is taking their partner for granted will begin to get turned off with how overly accomodating their partner is.

They aren’t standing up for themselves which shows as a weakness to a controlling person. It becomes a huge contradiction because No one REALLY wants to walk all over the person they are supposed to love! An unbalanced relationship like this has nowhere to go but down.

A couple can’t live this way and maintain a happy home life. Even if you are the type that likes to be put on a pedestal and spoiled every day, eventually you will become bored and lose interest in your partner. There has to be a mutual “give and take” scenario for a relationship to stay fresh and keep the love strong.

Standing up for yourself is very important in any relationship you have in your life. Anyone who takes advantage of your kindness and unconditional love has to be made aware of their behavior. It is so imperative to let them know that their manipulative actions are not OK.

No one should ever be in control of anyone!

If you are having trouble expressing this to your partner I would suggest seeing a therapist who can help you communicate in a more assertive and confident way. There may be some underlying issues or insecurities from your past that are holding you back from being able to express your feelings.

Do not ever take your partner for granted! Everyone has a breaking point and eventually they may end up getting so fed up with being treated in this manner that they walk away from your relationship. You fell in love with them for a reason, never forget why you did.

Sybersue xo <3

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