How To Stop Playing The “Waiting Game” With Men (Matthew Hussey)

In the video above Matthew Hussey talks about how to stop playing the waiting game after a date. Many women become very anxious when they are hoping to hear back from a guy they just dated. 

I agree with what Matthew says and as a mature woman I would like to add that any guy you have to play the waiting game with, is not worth your time! This is a big red flag! I learned this lesson early in my life.

If there is a great connection between the two of you they “can’t wait” to see you again!

You should always have a purpose in your life and being busy won’t allow you to get caught up in over-thinking everything with any guy that you date. There is also the other side of the coin where they come in wayyyy too fast, which is also not good. (“In fast, out fast!” Why? Because they freak themselves out with how fast it’s going! Go figure.)

When a relationship has potential, it flows and there aren’t a lot of questions because you have a respectful reciprocated communication and chemistry with each other.

Men like it when women have a full life and don’t come across as needy or too available. They don’t want a yes girl for a long term commitment and if they do go for that type what does that say about them?

Well… you know how that will eventually turn out. 

A relationship needs balance and there is no room for a controlling person who calls all of the shots. If you have to try to figure out whether a guy likes you, he’s seriously just not interested enough.

Believe me, you will know if he is!

Dating today doesn’t mean hanging around waiting for one guy to get back to you. You can open up your “dance card” and date others as well. If you’re NOT exclusive with them, you don’t owe them anything and can date whomever you want.

That is the beauty of dating in the millennium; you won’t have time wondering if they will call or text you back, because you will be too busy to notice!

Trust me when I say that when the right one comes along you will know it. <3

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Advice Talk Show

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