How to deal with arguments in your relationship

How to Deal With Arguments in Your Relationship

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Thanks for visiting Dear Sybersue! Today I will discuss: How to Deal With Arguments in Your Relationship.

It is a normal part of life to argue with your partner, but what if it is happening on a regular basis? One big mistake some couples make is rehashing old arguments over and over again.

It is so important to openly discuss your points of view, dissect the problem, and understand why it became an argument in the first place. Can you both be kindhearted and come to a compromise with what you are arguing about? Validating your partner’s feelings is imperative to having a healthy relationship.

#1 – It is important to remember that we all want to feel validated and heard in our relationships.

It’s not uncommon to shut your partner out when you don’t like what they are saying. This is such a big issue with many couples. Just because you many not agree with something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to your partner’s concerns. Ignoring the situation certainly isn’t going to improve your relationship!

Communication is #1 when it comes to important checklist relationship goals. If you stop talking to each other and keep pushing certain conversations to the side, this will change up the bond and dynamics of your partnership. When you don’t feel heard by your partner it can become irreparable damage to the foundation you once shared together.

#2 – How do you prevent an argument from escalating?

  1. If you don’t feel that the argument was rectified, do not bring it up again when you are still angry about it. Try to discuss it at a later date when you are both calm and in a good place. Be gentle in your approach and be aware of how you start and deliver the conversation. If you use the word “YOU” all the time it will automatically make your partner defensive.
  2. Tell them how you feel by using the word “I” instead. “I feel confused or hurt when this happens.” “I want us to fix this situation together so our relationship stays in a great place.” “I love you and want us to both to have a say in how we keep our partnership strong.” “What would you suggest we do to help us communicate better as a couple?”
  3. Ask your partner to repeat back what he/she heard you say during an argument. They may have taken your words in a different context from how you meant them. This will not only help you change how you relay things to your partner but it will also help them understand how to listen in a constructive way.
  4. Write down things that you would like to discuss with your partner and have them do the same. Be thoughtful and kind with your words and be careful that is isn’t written with an accusatory tone.
  5. Learn how to say sorry. You know when you’re being stubborn. How will things improve if you don’t want to admit any fault to an argument? It truly helps your relationship to evolve when you can own your part in some of the problems that arise during your years together. Turning a blind eye is a mistake and a big reason some relationships don’t work out.

#3 – It takes two people to make or break a partnership so always be aware of how your actions affect each other.

Be mindful of becoming complacent and understand that there is no room for the blame game in a loving relationship. We all have bad days where we may lash out at one another so take ownership of why you’re feeling a certain way and share this with your partner.

So many arguments can be solved quickly when you take the time to really talk to each other. Hiding or burying what is really going, is not fair to your partner and will just keep you both frustrated.

You signed up to be in a relationship with them so it is the responsibility for both of you to maintain and nurture the love you share together. If you don’t check out emotionally, or let things bubble up and fester, you will be surprised at how easily you can resolve any situation that arises in your relationship. As I said earlier in this post, it is all about how you communicate as a couple that will keep your love alive for many years to come. 😍

Please watch the video above to see how to fix things in your relationship and prevent arguments from escalating into a much bigger problem that is difficult to come back from.

Sybersue xo <3

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