How Do I Stop Being angry towards men?

How Do I Stop Being Angry Towards Men?

Today I discuss a client’s concerns regarding her negative feelings about men. She wants to get past this anger mode she is in but she feels stuck and can’t seem to change her attitude. I

I want to address this question with both sexes in mind because there are also many men who are angry towards women as well. I often have people commenting under my youtube channel videos expressing their distaste for the opposite sex!

The more you continue to vent your anger outward the more you hold onto the internal pain that has caused it in the first place.

When you allow something in and give it energy you will keep attracting more of the same. Not everyone is out to get you but if you keep believing that they are, it will hold you back from finding the happiness you deserve.

This negative thinking has got to stop because it is not bringing us together as a collective humane group of people. Lumping all men into one category and all women into one category is tearing us apart in a very demeaning and disrespectful way.

We are all individuals and we do not all act the same. Take some responsibility for your own personal decisions.

Don’t let one bad relationship control your future relationships!

If you have had a bad experience with people you have dated, learn from those situations and own your part in what transpired. You allowed that person into your life and that was your choice. Take the time to understand what those reasons were by dissecting the transition of the first meeting to the final goodbye.

  1. Were there immediate red flags that you ignored?
  2. Were you drawn in due to overpowering sexual chemistry?
  3. Are you attracted to the chase? Wanting what you can’t have or something that is difficult to obtain?
  4. Did your instincts warn you that this wasn’t a good fit?
  5. Do you continually allow them to contact you even after things have ended with your relationship?
  6. Is there always drama or toxic behavior in your partnerships?

If you have experienced any of the points listed above this doesn’t mean that every other person you date or end up in a relationship with, will also leave you with negative scars. Get to the root of the problem that ended your partnership so that you can move on and find a special person that is much better suited for you.

We don’t often find “the love of our life” in our first relationship so it is important to understand that there will be some trials and tribulations along the way until you do find your person. That is your life path to take and the sooner you take some ownership of why you made that particular choice, the sooner you will be able to appreciate the lesson you needed to learn. That’s a good thing!

Staying in denial and blaming others for their actions will not give you the clarity or closure you desire. It actually takes away your power because you are constantly giving the control back to them with every angry thought. It could also cause major changes in your everyday life with your job or your friendships because people want to hear positive things, especially right now in our crazy world.

One bad partnership doesn’t define you and it definitely shouldn’t control your future by having a judgmental attitude about all things love and relationships.

Please watch the video above to hear more on this topic and leave your comments below! What do you think?

Thank you, Sybersue xo <3

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  1. I’ve been single for 8 years now. I’m not concerned about it. It really isn’t an issue. Society however makes it an issue. You can get hypnotised by the notion of marriage being important in life. It isn’t. It doesn’t change anything in the world. It creates a sort of legal contract that proves that you love someone and is an excuse to show off for a day. If I love someone, marrying them isn’t a declaration of that love. The way you treat a person will let them know you love them

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