Don’t Give Up Your Own Life Just to be in a Relationship

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I wish I didn’t need to discuss this topic because it is something we should all be naturally aware of in our lives. When choosing the person that you want to spend your life with, you need to stay in the truest form of being your authentic self. Relying on others to make your life more fulfilling is not anyone’s job but yours.

It can be very exciting when you finally meet your special person, but you might not always see that you are a little too excited! Dating can be such a tough place these days and then when you do meet someone who is pretty cool you jump in with everything you’ve got. You don’t want to lose this euphoric feeling ever again but sometimes you can hang on a little too tight.

It is important to remember that when you are in a new relationship, maintaining your personal desires and your independence is what makes you unique. Your partner fell in love with you, not a part-time version of who you are. Giving in to all of their needs, and losing yourself in the process, isn’t healthy. It becomes very mundane in a relationship.

Are you sure you are ready to be in a partnership?

When you are in a place of loving and respecting yourself first, you are now ready and available to meet your life partner. Giving up a big part of who you are, or expecting someone to come in and help you “feel whole” is not going to make a great partnership for the long haul.

It takes two people to be in a relationship, and both of you should be contributing to making things work together on a daily basis. You both have a voice. It is not one person’s job to maintain or control the partnership. If you are finding that you are ending up in relationships where you are always giving more than you are receiving, it is time to get to the bottom of why you allow yourself to end up here.

Is this something you saw growing up in your childhood, or is it a familiar scenario that transpired in a past relationship? It often takes completely stepping away from a problem to see that there is a repetitive pattern taking place. It is really hard to have clarity when you are continuing to live in the same environment.

As I have said in many of my videos, your partner should be an extension of who you already are.

No one is in your life to save you, give you a purpose, or be your everything! Putting your partner on a pedestal to this degree can make them feel very uncomfortable. It can also become a little boring over time. A great relationship consists of equal respect and ensuring that the main foundation between you both as a couple is always balanced. You need to have boundaries as well.

Having a few separate goals is a good thing as it allows you to have some independence while still being in a loving partnership. Being able to fulfill desires and personal achievements should continue to be a healthy priority, so you can both hold onto your own identity.

We can often lose that ambitious and adventurous part of ourselves when we fall madly in love. Unfortunately, this is one of the big reasons our relationships fail, we forget to take care of our own happiness as well. It is great to be supportive of your partner, but not at the expense of your needs always having to take a back seat.

You should always have your own voice and speak up in your partnership.

You want to keep those romantic fires lit at home, so show your partner the real you. That’s what they signed up for, so don’t change the dynamics of why you both fell in love with each other. Be supportive of one another and continue to evolve together as a couple.

Being truly happy for each other will always keep you close and connected. A reciprocated partnership is a shared experience that continues to bring more great things into your lives throughout your years together. You grow together, which is the key ingredient to any long-term committed relationship.

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