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Are You Clear About What You Really Want in a Relationship?

Are You Clear About What You Really Want in a Relationship?

Are you frustrated that you are not meeting that special person to share your life with?

If this is happening in your life right now I want you to pay close attention to understanding what it is that you truly want in a partnership. Many people “know what they don’t want” but they are not clear on what they do want, and what is most important to them.

If you are focusing your energy on all the hurtful memories from your past relationships you will continue to attract those similar people towards you. Whatever you give the majority of your attention to, it will bring you more of the same energy back to you.

As much as you may feel like you are protecting yourself from further pain this internal dialogue can keep you stuck for a very long time causing even more loneliness and heartache. You may not even be conscious of these negative thoughts that are holding you back from finding love.

We don’t always see that we have a type that we are constantly drawn towards

Do you keep going back for more of the same type of people expecting a different result? If you can see there is a pattern, you are halfway there to fixing the problem. You will still have to ween yourself off of this addictive behavior, but being aware will at least help you see the repetitiveness of your actions.

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This is a good time to take a dating sabbatical and to just enjoy your own company or a few outings with friends. Taking a step back is very helpful when you keep repeating certain scenarios. It clears out the mind similar to when you clean out some of those old computer files. Things just start to run a little smoother because there is less clutter to contend with.

You may also not realize that you are sabotaging your own happiness when you are dating

This can be a fear-based situation due to being scared that things won’t work out again, or that maybe you don’t deserve to be in a loving partnership. If it is really easy for you to find fault with everyone on your dating apps or anyone you meet in general, you are creating an excuse to protect your heart from further wounds.

Life isn’t about burying yourself from experiencing repetitive discomfort, it is for you to understand how to accept the lesson you were supposed to learn so that you can move up the ladder to a higher place of love. The article below may help you to better understand what could be happening in the initial stages of when you are meeting a potential partner.

7 Types of Dating Sabotage to be Aware of

If your confidence has been challenged over the years it can make a big difference in how well you evolve when you have to deal with big obstacles in your relationships. Do you hang on with a grudge to some of those situations or do you dust yourself off, put your ego on hold and learn from the lessons put in front of you?

It’s time to get out of your own way

It takes two people to tango and two people to engage in the progression of a partnership. We all need to take some ownership of our actions and the choices that we make in our lives. It’s not always someone else’s fault as much as it may feel that way at the time.

Unfortunately being in your “comfort zone” isn’t working. It’s quite ironic how we call this type of behavior comfortable when it really is nothing of the sort. Familiar maybe, but if the end result always leaves you heartbroken and a little more damaged, it is definitely time to stop indulging in this discontentment. It’s not working and it’s not healthy!

Count your blessings and change up your thought process . Give way less attention to what you don’t have in your life and express gratefulness for those special things that bring you joy. It is never too late to recharge your life so that you can be in a happy partnership. Finding love has no boundaries and it is always available to those people who are willing to accept it graciously and respectfully.

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  1. It is subjective but I believe that it should be something that just happens naturally. If you’re preoccupied with your thoughts about the perfect relationship, you will be forming this from your past experiences and cherry picking things. They say that someone walks into your life and you realise why it never worked with anyone else. Love and life generate effort but effort will not generate them.

    This is why, I believe, so many people are unhappy in their relationships. The pressure to be with someone that is born out of necessity for popularity in society rather than for love, happiness and serenity within.

    This is why I’m single. Regardless of my looks or anything material, I’ve never been in the presence of any lady to yet take my breath away

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