appreciate what your partner brings to your relationship

Appreciate What Your Partner Brings to Your Relationship

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Welcome to Dear Sybersue. Today’s topic is: Appreciate What Your Partner Brings to Your Relationship.

I wanted to have this conversation due to the number of men and women who have written me regarding how undervalued they feel in their partnership. Unfortunately, as the years go by in a committed relationship, people can forget to appreciate their partner and often start to take each other for granted. Sadly, this takes a big toll on how you interact as a couple moving forward.

The importance of nurturing love and respect in your partnership

It is crucial to appreciate even the smallest things your partner does for you and to always say thank you. Whether it is opening their car door or picking up their dry cleaning, appreciating each other’s kindness is everything. A healthy balance and reciprocated respect will get you through many obstacles that tale place in every partnership. No one ever wants to be taken for granted by someone they love! Having to live up to over-the-top expectations does not make a happy relationship, and it is definitely not a nice environment to live in on a daily basis.

Basic human kindness has taken a back seat in a lot of scenarios, but it should never be ignored within your partnership. You both made a conscious choice when choosing one another as partners, so you have a responsibility to stay connected and nurture the love that keeps you bound together as a couple. If you are always encouraging each other, you will never have to ask for help or support because it will naturally be there due to the respect and appreciation that you have for your partnership.

Relationships are a full-time job, but well worth the investment!

Maintaining the love in your relationship is really not that difficult when you’re loyal and committed to always prioritizing each other. It should become a natural behavior that you both share because it continually brings joy and harmony into your home. If you appreciate everything in your life and are openly grateful for what you have, things will flow without a lot of unnecessary drama. In fact, I always advise my clients to start their day each morning with a verbal mantra about what they are grateful for.

Taking time to show appreciation for even the smallest things, will naturally manifest more wonderful things toward you. This happens because you are putting out a positive vibration and being grateful for those blessings in your day-to-day life. When you practice being optimistic, there isn’t a lot of room for negativity to come into your world. You’re also not giving attention to it, which is so important.

This certainly doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have some tough, problematic days. No one has a perfect life void of everyday trials and tribulations. We are all guilty of venting our negative frustrations, but we don’t always take the time to be thankful for what we do have in our lives. The trick is to acknowledge any difficult issues, find a solution to help you through them, and then focus on a positive direction that takes you to a happier place. Dwelling on anything negative does not serve a purpose and keeps you stuck in a pessimistic state of mind.

In other words, spend less time feeling victimized when things don’t go as smoothly as planned.

Life isn’t meant to be perfect because it is our own personal training ground, and we all have stuff to deal with that isn’t always pleasant. You are supposed to learn how to appreciate the good things in your life and not have unrealistic expectations without putting in any effort to achieve your desires. Being a human being is not always easy, and you are meant to learn many lessons along the way. Be grateful for those lessons, which will always lead you closer to having the life you deserve.

When you have a purpose and fulfillment in most things that you do, it helps you to be responsive and happy in your home life as well. When you are content with who you are and comfortable in your own skin, it is easy to be supportive of your partner as well. You’re generally happy and not looking for an argument or drama to happen in your relationship. You are not sweating the small stuff!

Couples, who share the household chores without having to be asked, save themselves a lot of unnecessary drama. Many partnerships end up in trouble due to repetitive things that aren’t respected in the home environment. You both live there, so you should both contribute! It’s really just that simple, yet this still seems to be the biggest culprit in so many relationship problems.

The little things really count.

  1. Texting your partner throughout your day letting them know you are thinking about them is a great way to show appreciation toward them.
  2. Complement each other regularly.
  3. Take notice when your partner makes an effort to look nice. If you both make it a priority to take a little time with your appearance, it will really help to keep the intimacy alive between you. It is important to stay attracted to each other.
  4. Pay attention to each other’s body language and mood alterations. Ask them if everything is OK or if there is anything you can do to help them.
  5. Compromise doing things they enjoy, but it might not be your thing to do. Take turns being there for one another.
  6. Leave post-it notes once in a while saying something appreciative about your partner.
  7. Do something nice for each other every day. It could be making coffee for them in the morning or packing a lunch for them before they leave for work.
  8. Set up a daily chore list and thank each other when you do things around the house. It’s even more appreciated when you do them without having to be asked.
  9. Do not become complacent about anything in your relationship. You both have the responsibility to nurture the love between you. Don’t let things slide and be the last to know your partnership is in jeopardy.
  10. Never stop communicating with each other. If something is bothering you, express your concerns to your partner. Don’t let things fester.

We never outgrow the need to feel appreciated or validated by our partners. When this is reciprocated in your relationship, things will continue to grow in a healthy place. You won’t have repetitive drama or unresolved issues because you understand the importance of relationship maintenance. It takes work to keep a partnership flourishing, but when you are both happy to put in the effort to make your partner feel special, you have the most valuable tool to always stay connected.

PS: It is also very important to understand that If things are constantly in turmoil in your relationship that ultimately you may not be with the right partner.

Sybersue xo <3

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