After 3 Months My Boyfriend Just Wants to Be Friends!

In today’s weekly video/blog post I discuss the topic: After 3 Months My Boyfriend Just Wants to Be Friends!

Carolyn wants to know: “What happened to us? Everything was going so great! Why did my bf suddenly get turned off and now wants to put me in the friend zone? Talk about feeling demoted! Why did his feelings change so quickly? Now what do I do?”

This is one of the biggest problems with dating and relationships; you just don’t always know what is going on in someone else’s heart or mindset. Things can start out beautifully and are going along as smooth as silk and then something shifts to change the harmony.

How do we ever trust that any relationship will  work out and how do we stop worrying that the same thing won’t happen again?

Unfortunately you can’t predict how someone is going to act just as you can’t predict that your career will always stay on the same path either. Both scenarios take a lot of work to keep nurtured and all you can do is give it your best and never take things for granted.

Quite often when things start out fast in a new relationship we put each other on a pedestal which isn’t a good thing. We don’t really know who someone is in the first few months of dating them; but we THINK we do.

We all want instant gratification and ignore some of the bigger things that may be missing in the partnership. Taking things slower will give you a clearer picture of what is actually transpiring between you as a couple.

If this friend zone thing is happening way too often in your new relationships you need to pull back a little. You could be over zealous and too excited about things which can turn some people off.  Keeping a little mystery alive is always a good thing and makes you less predictable.

Take your time and savor each moment. Don’t put your own life on hold for someone else. Remember; your partner should be an extension of who you already are and they fit into your life like the last missing piece of the puzzle.

Love can definitely be a gamble but more often than not, it pays off in a very rewarding way.

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