Dating & Age Issues ~ It’s Never too late to Find Love!

Dear Sybersue is a Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages!

Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord Discusses Dating at every age! How to combat the aging process and find love in your life regardless of each approaching birthday! We are all worthy of having love in our lives and sometimes it’s actually easier as we get older. The 20’s can be a very difficult time of trying to find out who you are and where you “fit” in life. Each decade brings us new things to deal with but it is how you handle them that makes the learning curve move along faster.

<3 Love has no age limit, it’s all about attitude and diversity! <3

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Dear Sybersue; Help! I Want to Start Dating again after my Divorce but I feel Old & Unattractive!

Finding Love Again after Divorce

Finding Love Again after Divorce

Hi Sybersue,

I am a big fan of your talk show and have been watching many of your videos to help get me out of this self sabotaging stage I seem to be stuck in since my marriage ended 1 year ago.  I am 38 years old with 2 children ages 9 and 12.  My 45 year old husband ended the relationship because he said he was tired of my sweat pant wardrobe and that I never wanted to do anything. OK he is right about the clothing part but his idea of “doing something” is rock climbing on a vertical slab 2000 ft up, ice camping in the Rockies or hiking up Mount Everest! He’s obsessed and fanatical about staying in shape and is not happy just going for a bike ride or playing basketball with the kids!  A long romantic walk on the beach would never be a part of his online dating profile I can assure you of that!  He verbally bashes me anytime he can, which is usually about my appearance or my nursing career. He hates it that I take care of anyone but him! To be honest, I am relieved we have ended our 15 year partnership as even my children were fed up with having to be a part of all his fear factor day treks and need for control!

So…the main reason I am writing is because I seem to have developed a self esteem issue about my physical appearance and taken on the attitude of “who would want me!”  I cut myself down at any given chance and can’t stand to see my own reflection in the mirror right now.  I used to be a beautiful confident woman up until about 3 years ago when my relationship started going downhill.  My husband hasn’t really looked at me in a sensual way since he had an affair with a 27 year old a few years back.  (I found out through a friend who happened to see them out a few times.) When I confronted him he didn’t deny it but said he stop seeing her if I was more sexual towards him. It didn’t seem to matter when I was 3 years ago; he still stepped out on our marriage!

Since then I gave up and figured what’s the point? He still found someone else he preferred, no matter how many sexy outfits I wore, how many sexting messages I sent or how pretty I did my hair for him.  He just constantly threw her in my face and complained about everything at home.  He also repeatedly said how much older I looked than my 38 years! I am grateful to say that men still look at me and I am not over weight but I still don’t know how I can get past this self defeating place I have put myself in. What is wrong with me and how can I change this.  I would like to meet someone and have a “real” relationship one day!


Kristina B.

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Dating After a Divorce

Dating After a Divorce

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Dear Sybersue Help! My New Boyfriend is a Terrible Kisser!

Dear Sybersue is an Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages! Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord answers a question about “kissing” from Jeanette on her advice column.

Dating definitely has many issues and sometimes what seems like the smallest things, can end up being the biggest problems that end a relationship. Both men and women should always be considerate towards each other and put the shoe on the other foot. There is something to be said for “treating others the way you want to be treated.”

Dear Sybersue,

I am dating a new guy and have been on 5 dates with him.
Everything is great except for one thing!

He is a terrible kisser and doesn’t always have fresh breath either! I am getting really turned off! I feel he should already know how to kiss and make hygiene a priority as a 32 year old man. I am not sure if I can keep seeing him as I wouldn’t know how to tell him something like this and it is becoming a huge issue for me!

Am I being too harsh about this?

Thank you, Jeanette

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Dear Sybersue: My Boyfriend Sent me an Email Saying He Wants to Take a Break in Our Relationship!

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Dear Sybersue,

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. I am 26 and he is 34. Last month he told me (by an email) he wanted to take a break in our relationship. He said he needed a month so he could work on his future, where he wanted to settle & eventually find work as a financial planner. I have been supportive with his schooling and living separately for all this time we have been together so I must admit I was pretty shocked when he made this announcement out of the blue!

We are very compatible and have a decent sex life when we see each other a few times a week when he has time, and I drive out to see him. We live about 40 miles from each other which isn’t a huge deal in travel time but it does make it less spontaneous to meet up for coffee or lunch dates. It always has to be planned out which can take away from some of the natural benefits of living closer to each other.

I asked him why he wanted this break NOW after 3 years and he said he just wanted to be alone to decide without any interaction with me or have any other distractions. He is not exactly sure what he wants. He said he wouldn’t date anyone else and that’s not what this break is all about. I am not sure I believe him though as he has been checking out otherwomen lately when I am with him and tells me when girls hit on him.

This break really hurts me and now that 6 weeks have passed, it hurts even more. I told him I would give him the month but now that time frame has come and gone. I am sure that he is going to keep this break going until I question him about it again. There has been no contact other than the original email and my return email to him. I did try calling him once about it but he didn’t call me back.

Am I a fool to keep waiting for him? He has a lot more time now that he has finished school so I don’t understand why he needs a break to feel things out? Shouldn’t he know by now what he wants in his life?

Thanks and I will be waiting for your response.

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Dating Advice For Women ~ Men Want to Know why Some Women are so Aggressive After the 1st Date!

Dear Sybersue is a Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages! Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord discusses a question she has received from quite a few guys recently. They want to know why some women are so aggressive after the 1st date. They don’t wait for the guys to call or text and start contacting the men on a regular basis before the second date is even made. Why are some women so impatient? The men find this very unattractive and tell Sybersue how much it “turns them off!”

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Dear Sybersue ~ Please Help Me I am Getting so Fed up With The Whole Dating Crap!


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Dear Sybersue,

I am writing in frustration due to the dating scenarios I have experienced this past year. First of all before I sound like some kind of high maintenance woman, I am very self sufficient and independent. I don’t need a man but I want a man to share my life with on all levels.

I am open to meeting men of all types but it seems I keep attracting the same guys with similar attitudes! I am friendly, have a great sense of humor; I am very outgoing and have no trouble holding an intelligent conversation. I am told I am very attractive and look younger than my 33 years. I have a job I love and make a very good salary. The problem I often encounter on the first few dates is with men bluntly pointing out who they think I am as a person. They try to squash my accomplishments or make sarcastic comments about how I am probably a “ball buster” and like to control men! Seriously who says crap like that? I am nothing but polite and receptive to these guys so why is this happening? *Please click on the link below to continue reading… 

Lifestyle Advice ~ How to Know When you are in a Healthy Relationship

Dear Sybersue is an Informative Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages! Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord makes you think! Today’s discussion; How to be in a Healthy Relationship. Respect yourself first always and stay away from toxic scenarios!

What are some of the signs that you may need to move on?

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