Dear Sybersue Paperback Book is in the Final Publishing Stage

Dear Sybersue Paperback Book

Dear Sybersue Paperback Book

Hi everyone!

I have been working very hard this past year on my #ebook and I have now completed my #paperback book with double the original content! It is in the final proofing stage but has been approved for publishing! I am very excited to have made this happen and I will post the link when it is ready to go!

I will be organizing a #booklaunch in Vancouver and any other events that I can attend and will post the details on my #facebookpage and my other #socialmedia sites! #DearSybersue is a great read for both men & women of all ages! There is something for everyone regardless of relationship or dating status!

Thank you to all of you who have kept me inspired over the years. I appreciate your “Likes,” your comments, your questions and your support! hugs always xo Susan

Dear Sybersue I met this guy on POF One Year Ago & Haven’t Met Yet

Dear Sybersue,

I just watched your video: Dating Advice for Men & Women: If They’re too Busy They are Just not That Into You!

I met this guy on the POF (Plenty of Fish) online dating site one year ago. We talk on the phone and “Cam text” daily. He is a graphic designer and always tooooo busy to meet! We still haven’t met. I had checked him out on Spokeo etc. He said he loves me although we haven’t met in person? Help!

Hi I.M :)

I am glad you watched this video and the fact that you did shows me you already know the answer to this scenario. You have a cyber relationship! If this man is too busy to see you, he is too busy to date and shouldn’t be out there doing so. You didn’t tell me where you both live or other information, but in any situation a year is way over the top! He is either hiding something from you or is just having fun with you a few times a day. I am not saying his feelings aren’t “somewhat” legitimate, but you may want to ask yourself why this is enough for you?

It is very easy for someone to hide behind a computer screen and say all the right things, but you as the recipient have to know when to read behind the lines very early on. We know in our hearts if it’s real or not but sometimes we choose to let certain things slide because we are lonely or blinded by the initial charm.

We are all worthy of a loving reciprocated relationship, don’t ever settle. You should have a rule that you must meet your potential dates in the first few weeks of contact to see if there is a “real” connection. There are a lot of great actors out there that know how to “talk the talk!” Be smarter than them. Thanks for writing <3

Sybersue xo

Follow up answer from I.M.

Dear Sybersue,

I just want to be treated as a lady, like we all deserve, my ex husband was mentally and verbal abusive….. So I guess just want to be held and feel safe. I’m a romantic at heart. I have been divorced for 30 years, and haven’t dated much. He has never been married at 51 and neither have his brothers. Weird right?
Thank you, hugs I.M.

Hi again,

I think he sees that you are vulnerable because of what you have been through in the past and that is why this works for him. Some men look for that type of woman because she is less high maintenance and won’t ask so many questions. You want to be “held” by this man but he is not giving you that and hasn’t in a year. I don’t believe in ultimatums but in this case, this guy needs to step up and meet you in person or move on. The fact that he has never married (or his brothers) could have something to do with how he was raised. He may have abandonment or commitment issues but that is not your issue to work on.

The question I have for you which you may not like…”Are you really afraid of the truth that he may not be invested in this relationship and you don’t want to pressure him for fear that he will stop contact with you? This is better than nothing in your mind?” When you settle for something other than what you really want, you shortchange yourself and your happiness takes a back seat.

When you remove yourself from negative patterns and hold onto your self respect you will meet someone who can love you the right way. The hardest step is the first one and then the others come easier. It’s time for you to go for what really matters to you and to stop allowing yourself to be a low priority. Love happens at any age so don’t let that stop you from believing in it. If this guy won’t see you in the next few weeks you will have your answer.

xo hugs back, Sybersue

Dear Sybersue : My Boyfriend is Fed Up After I broke up With him 5 Times!…
Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages!

Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord also known as Advice Columnist Dear Sybersue, answers Maria’s question: My Boyfriend and I have been together for 32 months but I have broken up with him 5 times. He is now fed up and says he’s done this last time. Part of me is ready for a change and I am thinking about moving away & maybe going to college. I still love him or at least think I do?? I am driving him crazy & making him insecure & jealous all the time. I asked him to go on a break to see if we should really end this once and for all.

What do you think?

Susan McCord @




My Published Book ~ Dear Sybersue

Susan's Book Cover

Dear Sybersue Book


Dear Sybersue Book Available at:

Funny & Informative Dating & Relationship Advice For Men & Women of All Ages! A book written by a mature woman with young attitude who has been there done that and has so many T-shirt’s she could open a store! Learn how to remove negative dating patterns and find the love you desire. It’s all about believing you deserve to be in a loving partnership. You can have it all when you believe you can!

Dating/Relationship Lifestyle Talk Show Host Susan McCord was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding. This special distinction honors individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success.

Susan has devoted her career to helping others find happiness. Over the past decade, she has established a stellar reputation as a sought-after dating and relationship expert, advice columnist, blogger, and interviewer. She is best known for hosting a lifestyle talk show for an national audience on YouTube. Her show, “Leave It Two Beavers,” has garnered more than one million hits on YouTube. Ms. McCord consistently creates new content for the show, which consists of interviews, dating/relationship/lifestyle advice, and comical skits. She has established a large international audience via social media, and often encourages them to contribute ideas and feedback. She has received acknowledgement from a number of professionals and celebrities.

Additionally, Ms. McCord writes monthly articles as a dating adviser for and maintains an advice column on Her Twitter account has thousands of followers, and she posts videos and blogs that can be viewed on, Interview Talk, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and her Facebook page. She is noted for being wise and informative, while being simultaneously friendly, down-to-earth and witty.

Susan previously worked as a flight attendant in Canada for two decades. She has also worked as a personal fitness trainer, photo double, and background actor for television and film. Ms. McCord has been giving advice to others for as long as she can remember, and she is excited to be able to transform her natural talent into a career. She plans to do as much as she can in the coming years in order to reach out and help an even larger audience find love and happiness. Her goal is to bring people together in a world that is still learning how to love and accept each other unconditionally.

Available formats: epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt

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A Love Revisited (A Poem by Susan McCord)


Love Revisited

Love Revisited

                                                              A LOVE REVISITED                                                        

My heart beats fast when I remember you,
After many kisses so long ago,
A chemistry so powerful,
I know you  feel it too.

Many years have passed but nothing’s changed at all,
For when I saw you recently, everything was clear,
The stirring deep within me, was not all in my mind,
But something so amazing, my 5 senses stood up tall!

Although our lives are different after many years apart,
It’s time to now revisit what we foolishly left behind,
And to listen to the Universe we once chose to ignore,
Which has brought us back together, for a brand new start.

Love has a purpose that we don’t always see,
And life’s tough lessons are hurtful to learn,
But our time wasn’t then, we needed to grow,
We’re now on the path that we were meant to be.

Susan McCord   May 22, 2014


Lifestyle Advice ~ Look Up and Start Talking to Each Other!

Lifestyle ‎Talk Show‬ with Susan McCord

This is not one of my own videos but I absolutely Love this one! What a great message! I always thought I was a bit weird because I smile & talk to everyone who comes near me and sometimes people look at me like I just escaped from an institution. But you know what? I don’t care because they eventually ‪‎”look up”‬ and engage with my persistence.

I am so glad you made this video ‪#Gary Turk‬ because people need to start talking again. Thank you for making others take notice of each other! ‪Social media‬ doesn’t have to make you unsocialable, you just have to know when to put your phone and laptop away! While you may think you are going to miss out on something online, you are missing out on things everyday standing right in front of you!

PS: This is a similar message I relay to people in my Talk Show Videos and Advice Column. If you want to find love and happiness in in your life, engage with others who cross your path. it’s never too late.
hugs, Susan <3

What is Ageism and is it Something that Young People Should be Aware of too?

Originally posted on Dear Sybersue (Blog Talk For Men & Women):

 Ageism business people

Ageism definition: prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age.

This topic of ageism is something I have been aware of for many years and it actually affects men & women of ALL ages. Why is age allowed to define someone? One of the first questions a person is asked on almost any form they are required to sign is; Enter Your Birthday mth/day/year. Why do they have the right to ask you this? Most non medical/government forms do not ask for your weight so why is this “none of your business” birthday question permitted? The minute you tell someone how old you are, their judgment is automatically internalizing. It may not be verbally discussed but it is stirring within the thought process of the person asking. We all do it to some degree as we have been programmed to base people on who they are by…

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