Dating Advice ~ How Much do I have to Sacrifice to be in this Relationship?

Dear Sybersue Advice Columnist & Talk Show Host Susan McCord answers Todd’s question:

Dear Sybersue,

I met a girl 3 months ago who is very active and keeps inviting me on all these adventures & fitness routines! She is a real go-getter!  How much is too much?

I don’t want to have to sacrifice my own goals and hobbies but she is keeping me pretty busy! Is there a way to compromise so I don’t lose her?

I really like her!! She may be “the one” down the road but right now I am feeling a little overwhelmed but don’t want to scare her away either.

Susan McCord @

Guest Speaker “Susan McCord” Discusses Dating & Relationship Book Dear Sybersue (Skin Care Event)

Dating & Relationship Talk Show Host and Author Susan McCord, is a guest speaker at a Vancouver Skin Care Event. Susan was invited to discuss her dating book called Dear Sybersue. It’s not just about looking good on the outside, it is also about keeping the inside and mindset healthy as well. Many people sabotage their own happiness without even realizing it! Dear Sybersue teaches men and women how to remove negative thoughts & dating patterns and how to find and keep love in their life.


Dating Advice: Dating Patterns-Why Do I Keep Meeting the Same Type of Men?

Why do You Keep Attracting the Wrong People to Date?

Social media and computer dating is becoming the norm with how people interact these days. Mingle meet up groups are trying to make a comeback but not without the help of using every platform available to advertise it out in cyberland.  People are lonelier than ever because of how some of these websites seem to attract superficial men and women who are just out to play games. There are some happy endings that eventually transpire, but why are there so many more stories of people that keep enticing a certain negative “type” into their existence ~ which continually puts them back into the dating pool?

If you have met a lot of these unfavorable types, you are doing something to attract them towards you. Regardless of whether you believe in the Law of Attraction there is something to it. Negativity attracts negativity.  Everyone is entitled to finding love, but if you are always repeating the same unfulfilling scenario, how is it beneficial in the long run?  There are many women who only meet “Bad Boys” because they are allowing them to keep coming into their life. For some reason they think it is exciting to be treated like crap. There are also men that only meet pretentious, materialistic hot women, because they are choosing “her looks” as the top priority.  The end result is both sexes are constantly complaining about each other!

Going for the same brand of person which keeps backfiring into a non-existent love life takes years for some people to figure out. “Changing the pattern will change who you meet.” As simple as that sounds it seems to be the biggest mistake men and women repeatedly make.

Why is that?

Many people react out of anger when something happens that is repetitive and unrewarding in their life. This is what continues the vicious cycle because they don’t understand that they are in denial of their own actions.  When a person becomes angry about the same thing over and over again wouldn’t it make sense to investigate why it is affecting them to that level? I see it all the time on the comment section under some YouTube videos.  So many people continually vent their frustrations about the same subject rather than learning how to deal with why it bothers them so much.

This is especially true regarding men and women in the dating market. If something isn’t working, isn’t it a good idea to fix it rather than bitching about it to anyone who will listen? No one wants to hear it except for a few others who are also angry about the same thing.  Misery loves company and saying that, I rest my case…negativity attracts more negativity.  Is it really easier to constantly complain about some things that cause drama in your life than to find a solution that betters your world?

We are all guilty of sounding like a broken record at some point in our lives but the people who quickly understand how dangerously repetitive a place that becomes, are the ones who move on to finding happiness. If your love-life sucks, be honest about the part you play in it.  I can’t stress enough that we are all in charge of how our lives evolve and that ultimately the choices we make are ours. Yes, we all land in the school of hard knocks while finding out who we are, but the sooner you learn and own the lesson, the faster you move on to a healthier foundation.

So stop repeating the same old story and quit talking about what you don’t want in your life. Talk about a future relationship like you would when thinking about what you would do it you won a lottery!  Think about all those wonderful things you would be able to do and how positive you would feel with less stress and more love in your life. Thinking happy thoughts and keeping hope alive helps put out positive vibrations that eventually boomerang back towards you. There is enough love out there for everyone and you deserve it just as much as anyone else does. You don’t ever have to settle for an unhealthy situation so quit allowing yourself to choose them. <3

Susan McCord @

How do I get My Girlfriend to Dress Better & be Less Complacent about her Appearance & Attitude?

Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord discusses a question from her advice column Dear Sybersue.  Neil wants to know…”My girlfriend of 4 months dressed really nice in the beginning of our relationship and took time with her appearance in every way.  I also took care of myself and looked good for her and still do.  Now that we are in an exclusive partnership, she doesn’t seem to care anymore!  I am losing my attraction towards her because of her complacent attitude and not just in the clothes department!  She says she is happy but her actions have become lazy in many ways.

Was it all a facade in the beginning just so she could win me over to have a committed relationship with her?

What should I do? I am tired of seeing her walking around in baggy sweatpants!”

Susan McCord @

Dear Sybersue ~ Why Can’t I Get Past the First 3 Dates with Men? What am I doing Wrong?

Canadian Talk Show Host & Author Dear Sybersue (Susan McCord) answers a question from Caroline on her advice column.

“What am I doing wrong that I can’t seem to get past the first 3 dates with men? I have no problem meeting guys and getting dates but they seem to lose interest in me quickly! I know I talk a lot and I am not a shy person.  Do you think this could be a problem for most men?”



Susan McCord @

Dear Sybersue! A Dating Book for Men & Women that Makes you Think!

Canadian Talk Show Host & Author Susan McCord, discusses her book Dear Sybersue.  What is this dating book all about? The male interviewer in this video read it and loved it!  A great read for both sexes whether they are single, divorced, dealing with a breakup or trying to maintain a committed relationship!

A great read for both men and women who need advice on how to find and keep love in their lives.  Stop sabotaging your own happiness due to blaming others and not believing you deserve a loving partnership.  Find out how by reading Dear Sybersue!

Now available at Smashwords, itunes,, Amazon.india, Amazon.UK, and Barnes & Noble

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Dear Sybersue Interview with Vinney White on NewsTalk1010


Radio Talk Show Host Vinney White Interview with Susan McCord Sunday Sept 14th

Radio Talk Show Host Vinney White Interview with Susan McCord Sunday Sept 14th

Really looking forward to my Live #interview on Canada’s biggest talk station: this Sunday at 8:15pm ET (5:15pm PT) with a condensed look at my new book #DearSybersue and a few questions from #VinneyWhite ( about how to live and love in the modern urban world.

Tune in for a Candid discussion on Dating ~ What’s working and what isn’t! Do men and women need a reality check? Are both sexes to blame for the changes that have taken place in the last 25 years? Maybe we ALL need to take a look in the mirror at what we are projecting to others. After all, we are in charge of ourselves and our own happiness at the end of the day.