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Don’t Shortchange Your Needs by Waiting Around for Someone Who is Only into Casual Dating

If someone tells you they are not interested in having a serious relationship right now, believe them!

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Why taking a break from dating is so beneficial

Why Taking a Break From Dating is So Beneficial

Taking time away from dating gives you more clarity on what is really important to you and teaches you to grow independently without relying on a partner to make you feel whole. It allows you time to really get to know yourself and learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. This also helps you to see some of the unhealthy patterns you may have been repeating.

How open and honest should you be on the first few dates?

How Honest and Open Should You Be on the First Few Dates?

Trust takes time to establish and showing vulnerability by divulging every detail about yourself, is very alluring to catfishers and insincere suitors. Use your instincts and intelligence every time you go out on any date. Don’t assume they are always there for the same reasons you are. Use common sense, and please listen closely to your gut instincts. Don’t give out too much information before you know anyone.

Why does my guy Ive been dating for 3 months only see me every 3 weeks

Why does this Guy I’ve Been Dating for 3 Months Only See Me Every 3 Weeks?

It is always important to have some boundaries that work for you because your time is just as important as his time. It’s not just about what works for him. Unfortunately, by allowing him to call all the shots early on in your new relationship, it set an unhealthy precedence that only suits his needs.

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