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Why Being Single Can be a Really Great Thing!

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Why Being Single Can be a Really Great Thing! Thank you for visiting Dear Sybersue today. I love this topic because being single has so many benefits and can help you grow as a person.

Some people get stuck in the thought process of what isn’t working out for them when they are dating, which attracts more of the same scenarios toward them. If the continual dialogue inside your head is always about how “you will never meet anyone,” “dating sucks,” or “women and men are all the same,” you are not projecting a positive attitude. Logically, you have to wonder how this is really working for you? Unfortunately, the way you are projecting yourself is actually repelling others away from you.

Being angry and staying home every night in defiance, is not going to help you, and it sabotages your chances of eventually meeting someone to share your life with. If your mindset is stuck in the mode that you’re never going to meet anyone, that will probably continue to be the case. Not everyone comprehends this and some men and women really don’t understand how this repetitive behavior and thinking, continues to affect them negatively. (Especially if you are saying this out loud on a regular basis!)

I have talked to many men and women over the years who are very frustrated, sad, or angry that they are single. While most people want to find a loving partner to share their life with, they are not always using the right approach to meet that person.

Sometimes you just need a break from dating and being in a relationship to step back and find out who you really are at the core of your being. This is the opportune time to experiment, as you don’t have anyone to depend on, or to rely on. This forces you to be more independent, which is a good thing!

Being single does not define you!

Going to events and gatherings as a single person shows confidence. This is a very attractive quality and makes you stand out in a room. When you are content with who you are, it shows, which makes people gravitate to your positive energy. No one is looking at you saying; “Ooooh that poor person is alone and doesn’t have a partner. I feel sorry for them.”

No one pays much attention to relationship status, as it is not a big deal in today’s society. The only pressure we feel is brought on by our own insecurities or maybe some family pressure. If you find some people are making negative comments about your life, choose better friends to hang out with.

Put your energy into something you’re passionate about or something you have always wanted to try doing. This can also be the time when you do end up meeting someone because you are happy and having a great time in your life. You are not dwelling on being single!

Enjoy your time by hanging out with like-minded friends. Plan girls/guys nights out and have some fun. Embrace being single and be grateful that you can be spontaneous and do whatever you want! How wonderful is that!

When you plan things it gives you something to look forward to which keeps you in an optimistic place of what’s to come.

You can say yes to anything you want because you don’t have to check in with anyone. This can bring some new and exciting adventure your way! Don’t say no to invitations because you don’t have a plus one! Go and stand proud!

Continuing to be open to doing different things on a regular basis, helps you evolve to a higher version of who you are when you stand alone. You will be surprised by how many people you meet! You can slowly start dating again when you have a healthier mindset and understand that you are not just getting back out there to settle with someone.

Your partner should be an extension of who you are and not someone who is your entire life. Once you have done your personal homework and really understand the importance of this, is the time when you will attract the right person toward you.

When we are happy with who we are is often when we meet our special person

When you feel whole as a person is when you are at your strongest and most attractive. If you rely on other people to make your life feel better, you are missing the point of what your purpose in life is supposed to be. We are all here to make a difference, so it is very important to be the best version of yourself to everyone you come in contact with.

When you are busy with your goals and achievements, you don’t have time to feel lonely or sad that you are single. You are living your life and engaging your energy in a healthy way. This helps you to evolve to the highest good of where you are meant to be. You weren’t put on this earth to just exist, you are here for so much more. You are not just someone’s partner, you are amazing with, or without being in a relationship!

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