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Hello, welcome to Sybersue! Today I wanted to share a video from Oprah: The Other Woman

A panel of mistresses share their experiences about dating married men. Former mistresses confess they’ve been the “other woman.” Then, betrayed wives reveal the moment they found out.”

Oprah surprisingly reveals being a mistress herself in her younger years. She certainly isn’t proud of that and it is a big regret in her life.

Why do women allow themselves to be number 2 in any relationship? Is it because they really believe they will become number 1 by spending time with this man? She will make him fall in love with her and everything will work out perfectly?

How can a mistress feel really good about herself knowing that another woman is being deceived because of her?

I realize that it is not always a cut and dry scenario and some women don’t know a man is married until she has already fallen in love with him. It is much harder to walk away once your heart is invested! (There are usually some red flags that pop up, but not everyone pays close attention to their gut warning signs.)

Is it really worth the pain that will follow by staying with him when you do find out? Shouldn’t your conscience be your guide to do the right thing and get the Hell out of this triangle you have allowed yourself to be in?

How will you ever trust him when he cheated on another woman with you?

When a man constantly bad mouths his wife or tells you that he is just staying until the kids are older or he gets his finances in order, it’s all a BS excuse to keep you hanging on, believing the two of you will eventually be a solid couple and get married.

Why doesn’t he have the balls to leave if his marriage if it is so bad? Why do so many women believe that he is sincere about his feelings for them when he is blatantly cheating on his wife?

Yes, there are some really good con artists out there who can easily charm their way through life and win women over with just a few sweet words and a little gentlemanly attention; but be aware that they usually seek out vulnerable women for the most part.

Ladies, If you haven’t seen the movie Dirty John you may want to watch it! It is a true story. Here is the trailer below.


Not all women are naive and know what they are doing. I have talked to some women who are really OK being the mistress because they don’t want to get married or have a partner who is always around.

They like being spoiled and enjoy the spontaneity and excitement of the affair. It’s always fun and the sex is amazing because it is not routine or mundane. They don’t think about the wife at all.

I guess they don’t think about Karma either though…

There are also the wives who turn a blind eye to their husband’s cheating and are accepting of it because they do not want to change their lifestyle or do not want to end up alone after a lengthy divorce.

Whatever situation that you find yourself in, none of them are good. You should always respect yourself first before you let anyone come in who upsets the balance of your moral compass.

We all make mistakes but we are all in charge of the choices we make.

It takes two people to be in an affair and two people to allow the infidelity to continue. Is it really worth sneaking around and living a lie? Is it OK to expect your friends and family to be cool about this arrangement you have with a married man? If you are keeping it a secret from everyone then you know you are not living an honest life.

Always think about how you would feel if you were the wife in this predicament. If women didn’t cheat, the men would have no one to cheat with! It’s really that simple.

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