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It Can be Lonelier in the Wrong Relationship Than it is Being Single

Today’s weekly YouTube video & post: It Can Be Lonelier in the Wrong Relationship Than it is Being Single!

Thanks for visiting me here at Sybersue! This is a subject that affects many men and women. People are having such a tough time dating today that they end up settling in the wrong relationships.

They just don’t want to be single anymore! Saying that, it is so much better to be true to yourself than give into a partnership that isn’t compatible or a reciprocated loving fit!

Taking time off from having to be in a relationship can really put things in perspective. It can clear your mindset and give you more clarity on what you really want.

I realize that it is very difficult for some people to meet a potential partner and they have expressed this to me on my advice column and my youtube channel. They tell me they can’t afford to be picky! They feel that they are not attractive enough and receive very little attention from others.

I can totally understand how some men and women feel shunned in the dating market today. There is so much emphasis put on looks and unrealistic body image expectations! How do you compete with all this social media vanity out there?

You don’t!

It is really important to learn how to be your best authentic self. Not everyone is super attractive but we all have amazing traits that are beautiful! Every single one of us is special and has something wonderful to offer.

We all have to be grateful for who we are and this life we have been given. Find your purpose and you will find the love you are seeking.

If you are thinking “ya right sybersue, blah blah blah,” it is time to change your attitude! Confidence is everyone’s most attractive feature and that is what gets someone’s attention. It is not being the perfect 10/10! Whatever the Hell that even is!

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and I can honestly say that I would rather have someone who always makes me laugh than someone who spends 3 hours a day at the gym and is obsessed with eating lean chicken and broccoli every day! I want someone who is fun and knows how to appreciate all aspects of life!

Getting comfortable in your own skin is much better than settling in a relationship that makes you feel even lonelier than when you are alone.

Most of us want to share our life with someone but being single also has its perks!

  1. The only expectations you have are of yourself.
  2. You do whatever you like, whenever you like.
  3. You learn how to appreciate who you are because you only have yourself to rely on to get things done.
  4. You can attend last minute invites without having to check in with anyone.
  5. You can travel whenever and anywhere you want.
  6. You can constantly meet new people by joining single’s adventure groups. This will increase your friendship base and alleviate loneliness.
  7. There is no fighting for the TV remote and you can watch whatever dick/chick flick you want!
  8. There are no in-laws! 😉
  9. You can walk around in your underwear, leave the house messy and have the toilet seat in whichever position you prefer!
  10. You don’t have to worry about someone leaving you, cheating on you or being critical about your lifestyle.

Embrace whatever situation you are in at the moment. There is a reason you are here right now and that is a good thing to pay attention to. If you always live in the present you won’t spend so much negative energy reflecting on what hasn’t worked in your past.

Life lessons make us into a better version of ourselves and allow us to continue to evolve. When you are ready to receive love don’t let your past demons destroy your belief. It is so important to remove negative mantras that you keep repeating about what’s not working out romantically for you.

We all have the potential to be in a loving partnership, don’t settle for something just so you’re not alone. Get out of your own way and let real love find it’s way towards you.

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