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Is Your New Partner Ready to be in a Relationship?

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Is Your New Partner Ready to be in a Relationship?

This question is a good one because many people often end up in relationships where their partner isn’t ready to be in a committed scenario and not even close to thinking about marriage.

The last thing you want to find out is that your new partner isn’t on the same page as you when it comes to having a commitment. It can be an uncomfortable conversation to have in the early stages, but it is important to have the talk about what each of you is looking for in a partnership.

Listen closely to what they tell you because it could save you a lot of heartbreak down the road. If they are unsure about what they want, that is a big red flag. If they are honest and tell you they don’t want a serious relationship right now, believe them. Don’t spend the next few years waiting for them to be totally committed to you. They’re either in or they should be out.

The trick is to be smart about your dating choices and not spend too much time with people who are not into having a relationship. There are usually some big signs very early on but most of us don’t want to come across as being too judgmental so we often ignore them. We just try to make them fit into our life which is not fair to anyone. Don’t sacrifice who you are just to be in a relationship.

There is a huge difference between being judgmental and not paying attention to those big red flags!

Are they into lust or love?

Most of us are aware enough to know when someone is into having a relationship or whether they are just there to put another notch on the bedpost. Unfortunately, we don’t always listen to our instincts. Before you jump into bed with anyone you are dating, listen to what they say. What do they want in their life? Is sex a big part of the conversation?

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Of course, we all want to have a sexual connection with the person we will be sharing our life with but we also want to know if our new partner is there for the long haul and not just a lustful encounter.

This can cause some confusion on where we stand in a new situation. Many women become very emotionally attached after they are intimate with someone. There can be very powerful chemistry that happens quickly and lures women into a false sense of partnership security.

You should both be in a place where you are on a reciprocated page with how you are feeling about each other. Yes, even in the early stages! When a new relationship is going in the right direction you don’t have to ask the questions, “Are they really interested in me?” “Where is this going?” or “Are we exclusive with each other?” If you have to ask, it may be time to move on from them.

Make sure that “you” are ready for a relationship.

Subconsciously you may be the one who is not ready for a committed partnership and you are choosing unavailable people without totally being aware that you are doing this. Make sure you have dealt with the demons of your past partnerships and that there aren’t any unresolved issues that are clouding and sabotaging your dating scenarios.

It’s never too late to do a little emotional housekeeping!

We all have a little baggage that we carry in our lives. This is just a normal part of life. It is how we deal with it and how much we let it affect our emotions moving forward that is important. It can really play a big part in our future relationships if we bury things without acknowledging them.

The emotional scarring can lead us down the wrong path over and over again. Any behavioral repetition that continues to cause heartbreak or toxic drama, needs to be addressed. If it is left to fester it can become so deep-rooted that it starts to take hold of your confidence and your self-esteem.

How can you tell if they are not ready to be in a committed relationship?
  1. Theycan go long periods of time not communicating with you.
  2. You are not the priority in their life.
  3. You are always being disappionted by their actions or lack of actions.
  4. Do you find that you are always defending your partner and your relationship to other people?
  5. Do you make excuses for your partner when they seldom show up at special events or family outings? Do you end up going to a lot of these things solo because they aren’t interested?
  6. Does your partner make plans last minute and expect you to be spontaneous when they want to see you? (Everything seems to be on their time schedule.)
  7. Do they introduce you as their partner or do they just use your name?
  8. Are they often are emotionally hot and cold with you?
  9. Do they talk about the future with you or is it a conversation they stay away from?
  10. Is there a lack of romance? (You don’t feel close to them in the bedroom.)
When you are with someone who is ready to commit the signs are obvious!
  • They tell you they love you often! You can feel that they are emotionally connected to you.
  • You highly respect each other and really listen to one another.
  • There are very few questions about your relationship and where it is going.
  • You are passionate and openly romantic as a couple in the bedroom.
  • You share the important conversations easily. No one is guarded or aftaid to discuss what needs to be addressed. It just flows smoothly and you know where you stand with each other and what the future means to both of you.
  • You have a lot in common and really enjoy being together!
  • You miss each other when you are apart.
  • You both support each other’s goals and outside interests.
  • You regularly have fun and laugh together!
  • As a couple you are on the same page with all the important aspects of a relationship. You know what it takes to keep a partnership strong.
  • You both understand that it takes two people to maintain and nurture a relationship and that commication is the glue to keeping things in a happy place.

Please watch the video above to see how you can change things up with your dating life and deal with any initial red flags so that you can meet that special person who is ready for a partnership!

Thank you!

Sybersue xo <3

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