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5 Signs Your 1st Date Went Really Well!

5 Signs Your 1st Date Went Really Well! Today’s topic is a good one for people who want to know what to look for on a date.

We always hear about those big red flags that we need to pay close attention to but we should also know what makes a great date as well!

If you are ready to meet your life partner there are some important attributes that you should be looking for. Be careful not to be overly picky or too judgmental as this can sabotage your happiness if this is a continued practice. Having some respectful boundaries is a good thing and necessary but stay open to giving people a chance.

We can often make assumptions way too early about someone, which keeps us going back to first date mode over and over again. This can be really tough on your self-worth over time. Unless the date is really horrible I usually suggest to my clients that they do go on a second date to see if there could be a connection. First dates always have some uncomfortable moments and it often takes a few more dates to feel more confident with each other.

I am hoping that the reason you stopped by to read this post is that you still believe in love and relationships.  You understand that your attitude and confidence are important factors for meeting a potential partner. You “get it” that you are in charge of who you attract towards you.

We are all equipped with having the ability to make choices in our lives. If you choose to live in a happy optimistic environment, people will want to be around you.

Here are 5 signs that your date went really well!
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1. They call or text you the day before your scheduled date to confirm

Your date connects with you early on so that you can agree on a mutual time and to let you know where you will be going. This confirmation allows you to choose the attire you will need for your date. (It can be embarrassing when you show up overdressed and you find out they are taking you on a hike in the forest!)

This is such a wonderful and considerate attribute to have in a potential partner because they are taking away a lot of the first date nervousness and stress by letting you know their plans ahead of time. It allows you to prepare yourself because you know what is in store for your date. There are no big surprises!

I always think that the first date should be as casual as possible so no one is worried about money issues as the night progresses. If they ask you for suggestions tell them you would enjoy going for a walk and a coffee somewhere. Get to know them and see if you like them first. Sitting across from someone you don’t know in an expensive restaurant can put a lot of pressure on both of you!

2. The conversation is very reciprocated

You both are engaging in a conversation that flows. It is not a one-sided discussion and you are each adding your thoughts and listening to one another. Time just flies by and you’re having fun! It’s so easy!

Do you know how you come across on a date?

  • Are you relaxed and fun to be around?
  • Do you add light-hearted humor to the conversation?
  • Are you playful and have a reciprocated interaction with them?
  • Can you be your authentic self around them?
  • You understand that early judgments or picky checklist conversations are negative behaviors that block having a connection with them.
  • You are able to open up with a flirtatious confidence that makes them want more of you.

This is the way it should be when you are first connecting with someone. It shouldn’t be complicated. You should both go home from the date knowing each other a little bit better and be excited to see each other again!

3. Sense of Humor
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There is nothing much better than having a really good laugh. In fact, humor should be on everyone’s checklist as one of the top priorities. When you can regularly laugh together as a couple it can help you can get through many curveballs that life throws at you.

When we end up being too serious about everything it starts to take a toll on our relationships. We all need to take the time to relax a little more, lessen our strict routines and literally smell the flowers. Life is supposed to be fun and so are our partnerships! We prioritize this in our friendships so why not do this in our love relationships?

In the past back in my dating days, when someone made me laugh I always found them to be even more attractive. It drew me closer to them because it showed a playful confidence and that they were very comfortable in their own skin.

4. There is Eye Contact and Great Body Language

Their eye contact and body language show that they are very connected to you and they are not distracted by anything else. There is an energy pull between you both and you are mutually engaged with them as well. Everything just flows so smoothly and you don’t want the date to end!

They are respectful and make sure you are comfortable. They show interest in what you have to say and interact with enthusiasm. You know that you want to see them again and can’t wait to do so.

5. You have amazing chemistry together. You talk about seeing each other again.

There is no pretense and you are both fairly open with each other. You talk about wanting to see each other again and you can’t wait to kiss them goodnight! There were no games or drama and the connection was undeniably in sync!

You text each other goodnight and tell each other you had a great time. You are excited about seeing them again. Your sexual chemistry is reciprocated but you refrain from letting it go too far on the first date. Some of you may disagree with me on this but I think sleeping together too quickly changes the dynamics and expectations of a potential partnership.

You want to build a foundation together and jumping in too fast can ruin that. There’s no mystery and no courtship.


Dating can be a lot of fun but we have to look at every person on an individual basis. Men are not all the same and all women are not the same. If we go on a date with a jaded attitude how is that going to have a positive effect on our love life?

Change up your thinking to change up the outcome. We can be quick to judge others these days and this causes problems in our personal lives, especially when it comes to being in a committed relationship.

Rejection is hurtful and can bring out the “saboteur villain” lurking within us each time we put ourselves back out in the dating and relationship pool. We don’t always know we are doing this. The main reason for this is those past problems we had with our EX’s haven’t been resolved. We carry them forward.

It is so important to take the good things from your past relationships and look for more of that with each person you come in contact with romantically. There is always something wonderful you learned in your last partnership, so try not to dwell on the negative things that transpired. Be grateful for the experience and move forward to a happier place of where you are meant to be in a partnership.

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