Is My Relationship Normal?

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Is My Relationship Normal?

Every couple’s idea of normal can vary, but generally speaking, if you have to ask this question then something may have shifted within your partnership that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Are you becoming nervous or fearful due to some of these changes transpiring at home?

  1. Do you or your partner feel restless or bored?
  2. Is your partner is trying new things without you or suggesting you join them to try things out of your comfort zone?
  3. Are you walking on eggshells so as not to upset your partner?
  4. Are you now behaving more like estranged or platonic friends?
  5. Does your partner seem like a completely different person?
  6. Is your partner acting out of sorts and their behavior is all over the map?
  7. Are you keeping secrets from each other?

We don’t always evolve at the same time in our relationships but it is very important to talk about what is going on. Sharing everything with your partner that concerns your wellbeing as a couple is required and necessary. Don’t just sweep things under the rug and hope it will all go away!

There is nothing wrong with changing things up in your partnership if you can work out the terms together and you are both on the same page. Having to sit back and just accept these new scenarios isn’t fair to the person having to adapt.

One of the biggest changes that occur in many relationships is how a couple’s sex life progresses throughout the years!

Has the intimacy and romance changed between you as a couple and is it making you feel unbalanced? Does your partner want to change the dynamics of what “the norm” was for you both in the bedroom and what you were accustomed to?

Sexual intimacy can alter a lot when you spend many years together. It can become routine and lack the early excitement you once shared together. It literally takes two to tango and both people have to want to partake and be creative to keep those fires burning.

This doesn’t mean you have to be OK with everything that your partner might suggest. Role-playing or introducing a polyamorous lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone!

The most important thing is to open up and discuss this with your partner! Do not pretend things are OK! Be proactive and share your feelings before it escalates and causes a problem that can’t be fixed.

Reciprocated communication is so important to keep things on track

Unfortunately, lack of communication is the biggest culprit for major changes within a relationship. We assume our partner knows what we’re thinking and they have actually listened to our concerns. We have all heard the term selective hearing and this can be a common annoyance in a long term relationship.

We are all guilty of tuning out what we don’t want to hear, which is ultimately what we should be acknowledging and paying close attention to with our partners. The reason so many women end up with nag title is due to the fact of how many times they have to repeat the same thing. Sorry to point fingers guys, but you are awfully good at tuning out when you want to. 😉

If we just took the time to make eye contact and really listen to our partner it would drastically lower the divorce statistics!

The key to longevity in a relationship is being attentive and loving to your partner all the time

It is so easy to let things go and take each other for granted but this is the wrong approach and will ultimately change the course of your relationship, to the opposite direction of where you want it to go.

If you are starting to wonder whether your relationship is considered normal, you are not feeling totally connected to your partner right now. It’s time to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation about what may be transpiring within your relationship.

You might end up very happy with some of the changes that are occurring, as it could be shaking up some new excitement between the two of you. For some people, the term normal can mean a routine or dull environment. Over time this can make couples complacent and repetitive with their daily lives. Adding a little spice can be just what a couple needs to refresh their relationship.

Sybersue xo <3

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