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Has My Partner Checked Out of Our Relationship?

Has my partner checked out of our relationship?

Has My Partner Checked Out of Our Relationship?

Today at Dear Sybersue I discuss this very important topic that every couple should pay attention to.

It is crucial to stay on top of everything going on in your partnership before it is too late to fix the problems that may be surfacing. Sweeping things under the rug and hoping they will go away is not a productive way to keep your relationship balanced and harmonious.

When someone starts to “check out,” it often means they have already removed themself and they are closing off from communicating with you as a loving partner. They may still be a good parent and civil towards you but they are not on the same romantic page they once were in the earlier stages of your relationship.

If you are starting to do many things separately, there is limited intimacy or you are now sleeping in different rooms, this is a major statement that your relationship is in big trouble.

Don’t let it get to this stage

  1. Are they pulling away from doing things together as a couple?
  2. Do they spend more time with friends than they used to?
  3. Has their work hours changed and they are coming home later than usual?
  4. Have they started a new work out regime and caring more about their weight and appearance?
  5. Are they dressing differently and spending more time on their phone than usual?
  6. Have they stopped a lot of communication and put you more in the friend zone?
  7. Has sex stopped altogether?

You can get things back on track if you don’t ignore the changes

Always stay connected to being an innovative couple by keeping things fresh and interesting. Relationships take work but slacking off and taking things for granted is the surest way to make your partnership fizzle out.

The grass is seldom that much greener on the other side!

You fell in love with each other for a reason so hold on to that. I realize we can often just grow apart even though we do our best to stay connected, and sometimes things just can’t be mended. We can’t make someone love us but we can sure as Hell promise to keep focused on our relationship and give it our best effort on a daily basis!

Your partnership should always be the top priority in your life and if you always take the time to appreciate and love each other, things will continue to flourish for you as a couple.

Of course, there will always be a few glitches here and there but it’s not that much work to hug and kiss your partner every day. In fact, it’s the best antidote for a happy home life. Remember, it takes two people to “make or break” a relationship, so you BOTH play a part in how things work out in the years to come.

Sybersue xo <3

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