If You’re Misaligned – WATCH THIS by Gabby Bernstein

How often do you feel misaligned and not in touch with your harmonious self?

Have you noticed that when you are having a bad day the more frustrated or angry you become, even more, annoying things keep happening to make you feel very unbalanced? This video by Gabby Bernstein pretty much says it all!

We all have shit to deal with but it is how maturely we react to life’s little glitches that will keep us from receiving more of the same.

I aligned my annual Los Angeles vacation to attend Gabby’s recent book launch “Super Attractor.” I am so happy I did! Gabby has not had an easy life which she openly shares with all of her guests. This adds to her popularity because people can really relate to her. She is also beautiful, funny and very down to earth.

Her spiritual teachings wake up even the biggest non-believers and she will continue to draw in larger crowds as our world finally gets the message that things have to change. There needs to be less fight for unnecessary political power and more energy put in the forefront for love and kindness.

We as humans are in charge of the drama we create and allow into our lives.

Gabrielle Bernstein Book Launch Los Angeles

My husband joined me for the book launch event but wasn’t jumping for joy when I bought him the ticket. He was one of the small percentages of men that attended the evening with Gabby. (This will change soon I’m sure!)

He squirmed around uncomfortably for the first 30 minutes which was annoying as Hell, but I used Gabby’s words to remove myself from “his stuff” and enjoyed the evening regardless. He eventually stopped rebelling and started really listening to what she had to say.

Lo and behold by the end of the night my husband was intrigued! He even read a chapter in her book on the flight home! He is a natural manifester but now he understands even more about how to reach his highest good on a daily basis, thanks to Gabby.

Spirituality means different things to different people. It is our own personal journey to happiness and believing in something bigger than ourselves. The Universe truly does want the best for you.

When we repetitively feel good, and we are satisfied with the path we are exploring, the more abundance we will receive in our lives. Life isn’t just about achieving all your goals and aspirations that you have set in your mind, it is about appreciating all the steps it takes to get there. Including the baby steps that may seem insignificant at the time.

In the past whenever I felt pissed off or in a negative place, things just kept getting worse. I attracted all the wrong things towards me. Life was so much harder than it is now.

This changed about 15 years ago after I opened up and really learned that my thoughts and behavior bring me more of either what I don’t want or more of what I do want. It is an ongoing process and I still become unbalanced here and there, but I now have to tools to help myself return to a positive place.

It’s not a bunch of spiritual BS, it is real!

In my line of work, I have met many men and women who literally sabotage love from entering their life because they push it away without realizing it.

They hold onto negative past experiences or complain about what isn’t happening in the dating and relationship department for them. None of this is a positive thought process and keeps them stuck. They become sad and depressed which can be very difficult to bounce back from.

Asking for help and being open to change is the first step to alter your life and I am very pleased that so many of my clients are in loving partnerships today. It just takes believing in yourself and that you deserve great things.

We all do.

I was stuck for a long time after my first marriage ended. Being a young single mom of an 18-month-old son didn’t exactly leave me a lot of energy to heal my heart or work on my self-esteem, while also dealing with lengthy divorce proceedings.

The more negative thoughts that invaded my space brought me even more crap to deal with. (Including my first lawyer who didn’t really seem to like women very much.)

It took a long time and a lot of self-awareness to move on to a better life, but eventually, I got there and haven’t stopped evolving since.

When I met my 2nd huband I literally said: “I am ready to receive a loving partner in my life!” I meant it, visualized it and believed it. I saw my son walking me down the aisle in my wedding dress and that actually happened 2 years later.

Your mind is a powerful tool, don’t underestimate how positive affirmation can and will change your life on a daily basis.

I am thankful and grateful for people like Gabrielle Bernstein who continue to enlighten others with their wisdom and bright light. I am a spiritually strong and happy woman today because of these teachings and the many life lessons I endured to get to where I am today.

I am not a religious person but I practice spirituality on a daily basis. Gabby’ s book Super Attractor is my bible that I refer to upon waking each and every morning. It puts me in the right alignment to start my day in a positive space. <3

Sybersue xo

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