I am Not Physically Attracted to My Partner Anymore!

In today’s weekly upload I discuss a viewers relationship issue: I am Not Physically Attracted to My Partner Anymore!

What do you do in a situation like this after you have committed to someone and then as the years go by you completely lose interest in them? What happened to that amazing chemistry you once shared with them? Can you get it back?

Never stop being the best YOU for yourself and your partner!

Maintaining a romantic long-term relationship is not easy but it can be done if both people put in the effort to take their love seriously and prioritize each other. You should always nurture your partner as you would your children. Taking them for granted is the first step to the demise of a once great relationship.

Things have changed today and you have a lot more options than your parents and grandparents had. You don’t have to stay if you’re not happy but then neither do they! So why not do the work to keep the love alive between you?

There are so many videos, articles and books out there that can help you to keep your relationship in a healthy and exciting place. Even just leaving thoughtful notes or sexy texts for your partner will keep things flowing and that only takes a few minutes per day.

It doesn’t take that long to put an effort into your appearance and trust me when I say that your partner will appreciate it! Even if you’re just sitting around at home, take the time to get out of your sweatpants and look attractive for them. You know what turns them on and don’t ever forget what does!

You should never become lazy about the most important thing in your life; your relationship. Do you really think the grasss is that much greener on the other side?

Keep your partner wanting to come home to you! There is no room for complacency in your partnership; only love and continued respect.

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