How to Deal With a Relationship or Being Single During Social Distancing

Today I want to talk about How to Deal With a Relationship or Being single During Social Distancing.

This world Covid-19 pandemic is REAL and is causing a lot of worry, fear and major health concerns among everyone in the world. It’s really scary out there! It is also playing havoc on people’s relationships and causing loneliness and sadness with men and women who live alone.

We have to fight this global epidemic together and help out others who may not have a support system at this time.

It is very easy to say: “be positive and stay optimistic,” but with the whole world in a health crisis and economic slump, it is very difficult to see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

But it is imperative that we do so!

Reach out to someone via text, facetime or other social media tools. Keep your faith alive and believe that we can all get through this. Try to smile at something every day! If you are not self-isolating and you are able to walk or sit outside for a bit each day, do so. Nature has a way of warming the heart.

Be grateful and show appreciation to all the workers in essential services who have to be at work to help others right now! Be the first person to put your head out the window at 7 pm to cheer for our medical/hospital workers and first responders who put their own lives at risk on a daily basis! <3

15 Things to Do At Home

  1. Have a social FaceTime or Skype get-together with a few friends.
  2. Take turns cooking and planning interesting menus. YouTube has a wealth of instructive cooking shows. (Stay away from eating junk food and excessive drinking.)
  3. Take an online yoga or strength training class.
  4. Run the stairs in your condo building for a cardio workout.
  5. Hug and reassure each other often.
  6. Play board games at home. Amazon has many to choose from and they can be delivered.
  7. Give each other simple salon treatments.
  8. Take a candlelit bath accompanied by your favorite music.
  9. Watch a really funny video together every day to keep smiling.
  10. Each person at home plans creative entertainment evenings.
  11. Plan out daily tasks for the week to keep you occupied.
  12. Make home videos to share! Start a YouTube channel or use another social media platform.
  13. Clean out your closet, cupboards, fridge or bathroom vanity.
  14. If your partner is not living with you plan date nights via FaceTime. Dress nicely and have a glass of wine together.
  15. Communicate openly with each other and don’t shut down on your partner or family. The same goes for single men and women; it’s OK to be sad and emotionally vulnerable right now. Reach out to others and be open to your feelings.

Most of us do not live in a big house with a backyard so it can be difficult to find a little solitude from being with our partner or family 24/7. Find a few hours each day to have some alone time even if it means one person in the living room and one person in the bedroom. If you are single set up call times to chat with a friend or family member a few times every day.

Keep yourself busy and do some home exercise on a daily basis to help keep your immune system strong and your spirits lifted. Music is also very therapeutic.

Please be understanding of your partner who may not be dealing with things as well as you may be. We all handle stress differently and no one in the last 100 years on this earth has had to deal with this type of pandemic!

We have to trust and believe that a vaccine will be formulated in the near future, just as it has so many other times with past illnesses.

Help a neighbor out with any assistance they may need or drop some flowers by their front door. Offer to get groceries for an elderly or sick person who can’t get outside and facetime your single friends so they feel less alone every day.

Being kind to others is so very important right now.

Life is not always easy and there are many scary bumps along the way that we all have to encounter. Our world has become a little self-centered and maybe this horrible wake-up call will reunite us all as one compatible team in the years to come. There have been too many power-hungry leaders upsetting the peace on our planet.

Be there for others and please stay safe!

What are you doing at home that can help others deal with social distancing and self-isolation? Please leave your comments below. <3

Sending hugs to all, Sybersue xoxo

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  1. I talked to a policeman in downtown last Sunday. I asked if he was bored because nothing happened. But he said that crimes were down in the street, but there were a lot more domestic cases.

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