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Having a Hard Time Getting Over Your Ex? Try This!

In today’s weekly video upload I discuss the topic: Having a Hard time getting over your ex? Try this!

It is never easy dealing with any breakup or divorce and it can leave you feeling depressed and sad for a very long time.

When a partnership ends it is seldom a reciprocated decision; which is why our hearts all heal at different times. One person has moved on while the other is hanging on to any line life they can, to preserve the connection. This can often result in a clingy desperation to fix things that are already over.

Dealing with rejection is such a difficult part of life that takes a huge toll on our self worth.

There is no escaping that crushed feeling of; “Why don’t they love me anymore? “What happened and what did I do wrong?” We often forget that things change in life, circumstances change and we change over the years. We continue to evolve, which ultimately changes our mindset.

We all want different things at certain times in our life which begins as a toddler and continues until we take our last breath. When you think about it, it is pretty miraculous that we can sustain any relationship for long periods of time!

Partnerships take one Hell of a lot of  perseverance to keep nurtured; as we all find out too late when our relationships eventually come to an end!

You may not see why your relationship fizzled right now, but once you accept that it is truly over you can learn from those lessons and find happiness again with someone else. Always own your part in the demise of any roadblock that life gives you. There is a reason that you are meant to change course.

Maybe it is something you needed to learn or change about yourself! Take time to look within and really be honest about what transpired in your partnership.

The best rules to follow in your future relationship is to always make your partner a priority, love them unconditionally, listen to them and communicate emotionally/physically which will help you to grow in the same direction as a couple.

Don’t ever take your partner for granted or become complacent; it is always a work in process and needs continual loving care and attention. That is the key to longevity in a relationship.

Please watch the video above and use these tips to help you get over your Ex! I would love to hear your thoughts on this on the topic! What worked for you?

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