Is it OK to Bring Opposite-Sex Friends into Your Relationship?

Today in my video and post, I discuss a subject that has a lot of couples talking! Is it OK to bring opposite-sex friends into a committed relationship?

Are you on the same page in your partnership with how you feel about this? I guess a lot of things depend on how much you trust each other and how healthy your relationship is at the time these new friends arrive into the mix.

5 Things to think about when bringing someone new into your relationship:

  1. Is this person an EX? Have you been intimate together? How would you feel if your partner also did this? Would you be OK with it?
  2. Are they a co-worker that has now become a personal friend?
  3. Is your partner included in things you do together or is it kept as a separate friendship?
  4. Is the friendship based on activities such as a sports team or meet up group?
  5. Are you attracted to this friend in any way?

What are the rules?

If you have had an honest conversation with your partner about this new friend and they are OK with it, you must always respect these certain boundaries.

  • There should be a limited amount of time spent with them.
  • Your partner should always be the priority!
  • No last minute surprise get-togethers that don’t include your partner.
  • Don’t ever blow off your partner for them.
  • Do not attend “couple things” together like weddings or go to romantic dining spots.
  • Ask your partner to join you occasionally.
  • Do not constantly talk about your “new friend” and all the fun you are having together.
  • Don’t do things with your friend that you regularly do with your partner.

The bottom line when changing up anything in your relationship is to always put yourself in your partner’s shoes. We often tend to forget that part of the equation, which has become a huge problem in many partnerships today!

It’s not all about self-gratification when you are in a committed relationship; you have them to think of as well!

You shouldn’t have to give up things you like doing or stop adding diversity to your life, but you should always be thinking about how your partner fits into to your new plans.

It is called a partnership for a reason. <3

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