Have Dating Rules and Expectations Changed Today?

Have Dating Rules and Expectations Changed Today? Are we still expected to follow the 3-date rule? Do we still have to wait for 3 days to call or text someone after the 1st date?

Who made up these expectations and why are we still pressuring ourselves to adhere to them? Dating is hard enough today without worrying about all these archaic rules!

If someone you are dating ghosts you because you won’t jump into bed with them on the third date, help them with their coat and let them go. It is your prerogative as to when you feel ready to share an intimate moment with someone and no one should dictate that to you.

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When you are in a new relationship it is so much better to take your time in getting to know someone. One of My Quora Readers made a comment that his wise grandfather once said: “If you ever want to consider a woman as a partner for the rest of your life, let her be your friend for at least two months before being her lover. If she passes the friendship stage, consider making love with her.”

So much can change after being sexually intimate with someone, especially in the early stages of a new relationship. Giving yourself so completely, definitely alters the emotions into a different space. It can make some people clingy and territorial and it can also make some people pull back and start to question things.

We are all unique and we all have different expectations or boundaries with what we allow in our dating life.

Some men and women are a little more guarded and don’t always feel an early emotional connection with someone. It’s OK to slow things down and take the time to get to know a prospective partner. That is what dating is for; to see how compatible you are with someone.

When a couple is on the right path there really is a natural progression to how the romantic setting unfolds. There is a united and respectful rapport that doesn’t react to cliche expectations. There isn’t any deep pressure to follow anything except the connection that is continuing to grow at a healthy pace.

If you want to call to text someone right away after your first date, do so! It is so much more mature to act naturally than to sit around playing hard to get or implementing any other dating games. What is wrong with telling someone you really enjoyed your time with them and that you are looking forward to seeing them again soon?

“But I have been hurt so many times before and now I feel guarded and insecure when it comes to relationships.”

We all have scars from our past relationships or our childhood, but it is important that we learn the valuable lessons from those scars, so that we can move on in a much better direction. Always pay attention to your instincts which is your intellectual inner guide. It is never wrong and is the wisest decision-maker you will ever have!

Don’t ever feel pressured to do what someone else expects of you! Be your own person and go at your own pace. Slow it down to find out who they really are first, so that you can proceed to find that reciprocated love that you deserve in your life.

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