Are My Friends in my Life for the Right Reasons?

Are My Friends in my Life for the Right Reasons? Today I discuss what real friendship is and how it needs to be reciprocated and respected for it to be healthy.

Don’t let people come into your life for the wrong reasons. They should genuinely care about you and not use you to benefit or enhance their own life.

Here are 12 things to think about when you are questioning a friend’s loyalty

  1. Is your friend genuinely supportive of you and the tough things you may be dealing with in your life? And vice versa?
  2. Do you have reciprocated conversations or are they often one-sided?
  3. Have they lied to you in the past? Do you honestly trust them?
  4. Are they openly communicative with you or do they have a lot of secrets they won’t share?
  5. Do they have your back?
  6. Are other people warning you that your friend is talking negatively about you?
  7. Are they possessive of you?
  8. Is your friend jealous of your accomplishments?
  9. Do you trust them being alone with your partner?
  10. Do they often exclude you from events with other friends and keep your friendship separate?
  11. Do they often bail on your plans with last-minute excuses?
  12. Are more than a few people warning you that this friend doesn’t have your best interests are heart?

Many friendships expire over time and that is OK. Just because you met them back in elementary school it doesn’t mean you have to remain in their life if you feel a disconnect with them. There is no obligation if you are evolving in different directions and have nothing in common with each other.

Some friendships consist of continual drama and unhealthy boundaries which can be a big problem if you allow yourself to be a part of this environment for long. Just like a romantic partnership, things shouldn’t be that difficult in a true friendship. You want the best for each other!

Be aware of toxic people who cause repeated drama in your world. There are usually big red flags that you should always pay attention to. If a friendship lacks a genuine sincerity, it is time to let them go.

Please watch the video above for more information on this topic.

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