Family Isn't Always Everything and Can be Toxic to Your Love Relationships

Family Isn’t Always Everything and Can be Toxic to Your Love Relationships

Dear Sybersue discusses how difficult family dynamics can be sometimes and how much of a negative impact it can have on your personal life when there is continual drama.

You can keep trying to make things right but constantly having to deal with unhealthy family dysfunction, abandonment or alienation takes a big toll on your heart and self worth.

This causes a boomerang effect on many other decisions you make on a day to day basis which can become a big problem! It can also interfere with your love relationships and your confidence.

Family doesn’t always have to mean “blood related” and there are other loving people you can surround yourself with. <3

Holidays or special occasions don’t have to be lonely if you have lost loved ones or have become estranged with family members.  You are not alone as there are many other people dealing with this same scenario.

Don’t get caught in a vicious circle of “living with the toxic drama” because you will never be able to get away from the toll this takes on your well being. So many people think they have to just accept this behavior because it’s family. I disagree if it is causing you to be unbalanced and very unhappy.

The more you put yourself into this unloving environment the more you will dwell on it. This will become the foundation of your soul. You will always feel lost and unaccepted.

You are not defined by who your family is or how they act!

Surround yourself with others who have an open heart and do not spend time with people who shut you out. I promise you will be happier!

I know this from personal experience.

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show  


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