Do you Keep Fighting About the Same Things in Your Relationship?

Today’s post: Do You Keep Fighting About the Same Things in Your Relationship?

Do you find yourself repeating the same argument because you don’t feel heard by your partner? Has there been very little action or discussion, and you are beyond frustrated that they are not listening or understanding your point of view on the repetitive subject at hand?

Be honest here, do you really hear what your partner is saying to you and do you acknowledge their feelings? We don’t always see how we also play a role in a relationship problem.

Many couples think that they are listening to their partner but if you ask them to repeat what you just said, quite often they can’t. Nodding your head and giving one-word responses doesn’t show that you have really heard them!

It is always important to hear your partner and take time to really listen to their concerns and vice versa. Staying connected to each other is crucial to maintaining a loving and committed partnership.

Small arguments can become irreconcilable differences over the years causing a couple to end their relationship.

  • You are always having to ask your partner for help with household chores.
  • You are continually having to request more assistance with the children.
  • You are frustrated that your partner never initiates romantic time in the bedroom or they act disinterested when they do give in.
  • They are more passionate about their hobby or their TV shows than spending time with you.
  • They regularly forget important dates on the calendar.
  • The day to day affectionate hug and kisses you once shared are now a distant memory.

But…what if you are trying to forgive your partner for something BIG that is really difficult to get past? It’s not easy to be forgiving when the trust has been torn apart in your relationship, especially when it is a deceitful action that you feel betrayed by.

Infidelity is a big hurdle to get over in a partnership and many men and women just don’t ever really get over the pain of being cheated on. They may try to get past it but the memory of their partner being intimate with someone else keeps popping up fresh in their mind.

You will understand what I am talking about if you have you ever agreed to forgive your partner for cheating on you but you keep bringing it back into a heated conversation on a regular basis. It’s so difficult to ignore what happened isn’t it?

Forgiveness isn’t easy especially when there is deception or disloyalty involved. You either learn to forgive them and move on from the situation, or you end the relationship and move on to a new environment where you can learn to trust again.

You don’t have to stay where you feel disrespected, but continually punishing your partner or yourself for what transpired, isn’t going to help repair the love that originally brought you together.

Reciprocated communication should be a top priority in your partnership! If you stop sharing your feelings with each other you will eventually become disconnected as a couple. Always “put the shoe on the other foot” and see how your actions would affect you, if the situation were reversed.

Please watch the video above and leave your comments below! Is this something that you are dealing with in your relationship right now?

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