Dating Can Be Hard Because the Universe Has Bigger Plans for You!

Dating Can Be Hard Because the Universe Has Bigger Plans for You!

If dating has become repetitively frustrating for you, or you’re noticing an unhealthy pattern, you might not be getting the message that the universe is sending you.

That voice inside your head is an amazing tool that is your insight into making smart life choices. You may not believe in the power of the universe, but those whispers are coming from somewhere and definitely trying to tell you something.

If you’re not learning something from the lessons with each experience you encounter, you are not paying close enough attention to what is really going on. You may be in denial as to why things don’t work out over and over again. It takes two people to make or break a relationship, so it is very important to own your part in why you are not meeting your special person and having a difficult time doing so.

Do you know what you truly want?

Many men and women are quick to discuss what they don’t want in a partner, and if that is always stuck in your thought process, this is probably the reason you keep dating people who aren’t right for you. Are you actually ready to be in a relationship, and do you know what it is that you truly want?

You may think you are ready, but you could be sabotaging things because you really aren’t emotionally available to be in a love commitment. That is OK to feel a little confused, but it is important to know this because the timing has a lot to do with how things transpire in your life.

When you know what you desire and put out positive affirmations in your thinking and in your verbal comments, negativity is no longer the bigger priority. You understand you deserve love, and you are excited for it to come your way. You believe it will, without any doubt.

When things are great and you are achieving your goals within your job and most of your personal life, positive things tend to flow toward you. If you’re happy, more happiness will find you. It’s really just common sense, but we all go through life dealing with some hurdles that set us back. It’s not always easy to stay upbeat and optimistic when we have difficult scenarios to deal with.

The best thing you can do during these situations is to temporarily remove yourself from them and put your attention on something that brings you joy. Every hour of the day that you spend in a positive mindset, the more you will learn how to divert your attention away from things that cause you anxiety, sadness, or pain.

Stop ignoring the same red flags!

Red flags are put on your path to stop you from going further in certain situations. Listen closely to things that nag at your instincts when you are dating someone new. These are signs to observe that could be a warning that things aren’t right between you both. That voice inside your head is a very powerful tool and offers you great insight when you learn to trust it enough to hear it.

When things are constantly not working out for you, it is a big indicator to change up the road you’re currently on. If you are continuously banging your head on a brick wall, the results will keep ending up in the same annoying place that isn’t working for you. You are supposed to have love in your life, and you are worthy of having a romantic partnership.

When you are on the right path, things aren’t that hard. There will always be challenges in your life, but when you are going in a positive direction, there aren’t a lot of roadblocks to contend with. You will feel great energy that keeps pushing you forward. It’s quite magical.

Have you ever noticed how out of sorts and edgy you feel when things aren’t going well?

This is because you are out of alignment with yourself. Your gut instincts pick up on this and can go into overdrive trying to warn you to change course. Once you start to understand how unbalanced you feel, you will become more aware of how to remove yourself and try a new approach. You will learn how to train yourself to leave certain scenarios before you repeat them again.

You might also have to alter who you socialize with on a regular basis.

If you are dealing with constant drama or toxic behavior within your friendships, this could be keeping you stuck in a place of negativity. Surround yourself with people who are smart, confident, fun, and happy. This will help you bring even more like-minded people into your life.

Have a little faith that “the universe has your back” and that there is a higher power looking out for you. Don’t ignore those whispers that keep popping into your thoughts because they are there to help you evolve to a higher place of where you are meant to be. They are your guide to finding the love and happiness you deserve.

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