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Can Love Survive a Big Age Gap in a Relationship?

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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today’s topic is: Can Love Survive a Big Age Gap in a Relationship?

Love comes in all forms, and sometimes we get confused about what is right and what isn’t when it comes to being in a partnership. If you listen to your powerful instincts and not the opinions of others, you will usually make the right decision when it comes to who you let into your heart. The rule is not to ignore the red flags or warning signs with any relationship you let into your life.

Is it possible for love to stand the test of time when you have a big age difference with your partner?

Is it worth taking the chance to find out, or are you setting yourself up for failure?? We don’t know how long we have in this world, and I believe you should live your life large every day. There is no guarantee that your relationship will last even if you are close in age, and finding a special person to love is always a good thing regardless of how much time you have together.

It has seldom been a big question when men are in relationships with younger women, and today many women are now following suit by partnering up with younger men. Unfortunately, it is not accepted by everyone and there is a judgmental attitude about it among some critics. Many older woman who date younger men are labeled as cougars which is an uncomfortable title for some people. I personally feel that labeling men or women in any capacity is very judgy, and derogatory.

If your friends and family constantly have negative things to say about your younger partner, it might be a good idea to spend less time with them. Unless there is a reason for concern about your safety, the people you share your life with should be happy for you. (Or at least keep their opinions to themselves.)

What are some of the age gap challenges to be aware of?

  • When making the decision to be in any partnership it is important to pay close attention to how you connect as a couple in all areas. It can be difficult to stay on the same page when you have more than a 15-year age gap due to changes in your body and your mindset as you get older. It is imperative that you share these feelings with your partner.
  • There could be some challenges when it comes to starting a family depending on the age of the woman if she is dating a younger man. This can cause a lot of pressure on her within the partnership.
  • You might have to deal with continual judgment from others.
  • Your energy level could decrease, and your overall life choices may take on a different outlook due to this reason. Your interests may change as a couple which could alter the relationship dynamics. You both need to stay on top of this.
  • Insecurities could arise from the older partner as the relationship progresses. (They may feel less attractive or less sexual.)

These points above are why communication and compromise always need to be prioritized between a couple. Maintaining the longevity of any relationship depends on a couple staying closely connected. This is true of any partnership, regardless of having to deal with an age gap. The trick is to nurture each other on a daily basis and have fun together. Focus on how great you are together and worry less about what the age gap statistics might state. Love at any age is a really great thing!

Please watch the video above to hear more on this discussion. Here is an article on many couples who have made the age gap in their relationships work!

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