Are You Addicted to Drama in Your Relationships?

Are You Addicted to Drama in Your Relationships?

Are You Addicted to Drama in Your Relationships? So many men and women are not aware that they are continually repeating this unhealthy relationship pattern!

What makes this type of partnership ( I use this word lightly) so alluring when it seldom works out in the end? Why do some people view drama as excitement when it is nothing but a huge nightmare?

Do you want to live in your own reality show?

Repetitive ups and downs really play with your self-esteem and eventually cause you to have major trust issues.

Having a toxic relationship interferes with your other life decisions because you’re not thinking clearly. You are so wrapped up in the day to day stress with your partner that you can’t handle anything else going on in your world.

Everything else takes a back seat to your tumultuous situation at home!

If your partner is doing any of these 10 things, it is time to be very real about what is going on in your relationship:

  1. There is a constant push/pull control scenario. It could just be one person doing this or both of you taking turns to have the power in the relationship.
  2. They are now in the habit of berating you with nasty or sarcastic comments.
  3. There are guilty apologies after their hot and cold treatment but their bad behavior continues on again shortly thereafter.
  4. You breakup and makeup fairly often or they regularly threaten to leave you.
  5. There is little (or no) support or praise when it comes to your accomplishments.
  6. They come and go as they please without telling you their plans. It’s all about their needs first.
  7. They are overly jealous if anyone pays attention to you or compliments you.
  8. They use sex to their advantage and the makeup sex is so passionate that you stay in the partnership even when you think you are finally ready to leave.
  9. They tend to pick fights about nothing and then don’t talk to you for a few days. They use the silent treatment as punishment.
  10. They are becoming more and more verbally aggressive and it is starting to scare you.

If you are becoming fearful of your partner and how they are reacting towards you, it’s time to get some help and move on! A relationship should be a safe place and drama-free.

If your partnerships are all based on this type of pattern there is something you need to figure out as to why you are allowing this to keep happening. It could be a commitment issue deep-rooted within you from a past scenario or a place you keep returning to because it is familiar to you.

Familiar isn’t always a good thing!

Please watch the video above and leave your comments below. Has this happened to you and how did you overcome repeating this type of relationship drama?

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