Always trust your gut when you're in a new relationship

Always Trust Your Gut When You’re in a New Relationship!

Today’s topic on Sybersue: Always Trust Your Gut When You’re in a New Relationship!

If you are finding that many of your past partnerships or much of your dating life consists of drama or heartache, you are not listening to your instincts. These instincts are a part of your everyday life and they are there as a guide for everything you do.

The more you train yourself to trust your gut, less and less stress will enter your life. It’s really that simple but sometimes we ignore that intelligent voice and choose to learn another lesson yet again!

Believe me when I tell you that your gut will always give you warning signs when something is off! Your instincts will also ring loud bells when something is GREAT!

Learn how to listen to these signs (good and bad) and understand their importance. They will not set you astray and are the best guide you will ever have. You don’t need a psychic to tell that you that.

Do not ignore those red flags no matter how small you think they might be at the time. If you think you should go left instead of going right, do so!

I could probably write a book on all the times I didn’t trust my gut instincts in my 20’s! What was I thinking? Ugggg the naivety of youth and the long learning curve.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Listening to those tingling spidey-senses will always put you on the right path and save you from repetitive scenarios that don’t work out. Why take the hard road when you have a built-in sensor that knows exactly what path is best for you??

Think back to those times when you followed your gut. Didn’t everything work out for the best when you trusted it?

I left my well-paid job at 20 years old to take a part-time summer job as a flight attendant. I just felt it was the right move and I really believed that things would work out great because my gut was sending me powerful fireworks! Within 1 month during my training, I was asked to stay on full time! It was my dream career since I was 13 years old and I flew for 25 amazing years!

I also knew walking down the aisle at my first wedding, that I was very conflicted. My instincts were on overdrive! Well, they were right to give me that nagging poke as I separated from my then-husband 4 years later.

This isn’t to say that everything that doesn’t pan out in your life is a terrible thing because there is always a message that you needed to hear to help you to move on to your highest good. Sometimes we take baby steps to get there and sometimes we jump to the front of the line and learn just how important our internal voice really is.

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