Why Would A Girl Stop Texting Me After She Admitted She Liked me?

Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today I answer Rob’s question: Why Would A Girl Stop Texting Me After She Admitted She Liked me?

Dear Sybersue,

Hi Sybersue, I am a subscriber on your YouTube channel and watch your videos regularly. My question today is Why Would A Girl Stop Texting Me After She Admitted She Liked me? Why would she stop communicating with me after things were going so well for the last 2 weeks?

We seemed to be really connecting and we were texting each other constantly! Was she just stringing me along by telling me she liked me to keep me around for a rainy day? Is she ghosting me or playing a game of pulling back to be mysterious?

I really liked her and admitted that to her after she told me how she felt, but now I am so disappointed in how things have changed between us. What should I do now?

Thank you for any advice you have on this Sybersue!

Rob 🙂

Dear Rob,

Firstly, thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel! I appreciate that very much! <3

In answer to your question; this girl admitted that she liked you so there is no reason to think she was not telling the truth. She may have been hoping you would have asked her out in person after she confessed her feelings to you. (I am assuming you haven’t met her yet or you probably would have mentioned that.)

You wrote that you were constantly texting each other so why were there no plans made to see each other? People are texting way too often these days and taking much too long to meet each other face to face. This can make someone lose interest pretty fast!

Many people are looking for a partnership, not just a texting companion!

She also could be pulling back because she may feel she was too aggressive in telling you she liked you. Even though you told her you felt the same way you didn’t really act upon it and I am assuming that was what she was hoping for.

She has presumably been texting with a few other men who may have been much more assertive than you were. In today’s “mixed-signals dating world” you have to stand out a lot more to get someone’s attention.

The old expression: “You snooze you lose,” can often be a very true statement in dating circumstances. Standing back and taking your time to initiate the first date can put you on the back burner and less of a texting priority when it comes to potential suitors!

It sounds like you both established a compatible rapport for those 2 weeks and there could possibly be something between you to explore. You wrote to me to ask how you should handle this, so that shows me you are willing to do what you can to try to salvage a connection with this girl.

I would suggest you text her one more time asking her out on a date. Her answer will tell you everything you need to know.

  1. If she doesn’t answer your text or takes a week to respond, she has lost interest and is probably dating someone else.
  2. If she is evasive and doesn’t give you a clear answer she could be just trying to be nice and let you down gently.
  3. If her response is fairly quick and she agrees to the date, ask her if you can call her to set up the particulars. Enough of this back and forth text garb!
  4. When (and if) you do communicate with her again, do not bring up the conversation of why she stopped texting you. Be playful and show her your fun side.

No more sitting back Rob, you really have nothing to lose. You only invested a few weeks with this woman so if she doesn’t correspond that’s OK. You experienced some new things that may help you with dating in the future. Please watch the video above and keep me posted. Let me know what transpires!

Sybersue xo <3

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One comment

  1. Girl here.
    exactly this. You didnt ask her out. Her telling you she liked you was giving the green light to move forward on a date. She was letting you know you wouldn’t be rejected if you asked. BUT you still need ask!
    Saying I like you only means I like you enough to go on a date with you and see if we connect at a deeper level. But you failed to escalate the interaction so she lost ALL interest.
    For a female, saying she likes you means she likes you in this moment. If you do nothing with that except keep the interaction the same, she will stop liking you.
    I think lost this one.
    Good luck for next time!

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