When Should You Ask Someone You’re Dating if They Want Kids?

When is the Right Time to Talk About Having Children?

Hi there! <3 Today I discuss the topic: When Should You Ask Someone You’re Dating if They Want Kids? This can be a very difficult subject to bring up with a new partner but it is an important question to find out the answer to.

Dating and relationships can be difficult especially if you ignore the red flags early on. If someone tells you they don’t want something that is very important to you, don’t try to change their mind or hope after a few years that things will be different.

Do not sacrifice your dreams or goals for anyone. Compromising in a relationship is one thing but putting your biggest desires on the back burner could be one of the most disappointing things you ever do!

This is why I suggest to my clients to talk about children earlier than later in a new partnership. Obviously, you don’t want to scare them off by bringing it up on the first two dates but if it is a huge priority, don’t invest years with someone who is not the least bit interested in having kids.

It sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is a “big breakup reason” for many couples after they have already been in a long partnership. This needs to be addressed as early as possible in the relationship so that it is clear about what each other wants.

Thinking that you can talk them into having a family or that you may be able to manipulate the situation at a later date, is the wrong approach and will only end up with you getting hurt. Find a partner that wants the same things that you do in a relationship.

Don’t be afraid to bring up the subject if you feel a connection with them. You’re simply asking them if they want children in their future. I also suggest making sure that it is mentioned somewhere in your profile if you are using online dating sites, so there is no question that you want children down the road.

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