Want to Make Your Wedding Memorable? Give It a Roaring Twenties Theme!

Are you somebody that loves a bit of glitz and glamour? Are you somebody that is currently in the midst of organizing their wedding? Are you also somebody that is currently struggling for ideas on how to make their wedding day memorable?

Why don’t you give your wedding a distinct Roaring Twenties theme!

The Roaring Twenties was a time period that changed our world. It occurred throughout the 1920’s and was a time of prosperity, glitz, glamour, celebrity culture, jazz music, aviation and art deco. It was a time where the conflict and subsequent depression of the years prior were washed away and replaced with a far more modern, happy-go-lucky feel.

If you’re struggling to picture it, just think of The Great Gatsby!

If you want to see just how you can create a distinctly Roaring Twenties theme in your wedding and make it one of the most memorable wedding events of your guests’ life, then make sure to read on.

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First of all, make sure the invites set the tone

No wedding theme can be memorable if it isn’t set up properly through the wedding invitations. Yes, your wedding’s Roaring Twenties theme will not be memorable if the tone of it isn’t captured right away through its invites. 

To capture it, you’re going to have to go directly to a professional in the field of wedding invitation creation. Anything less will neither capture the tone you are looking for or look glitzy enough to work with your Roaring Twenties theme. With this in mind, a good first port of call should be to contact a stationary creator such as Paper Themes. They offer highly professional creations in the field of invitations!

Yes, the Paper Themes wedding invites really do scream professional and will capture the tone of your wedding — but that’s not the best part!  They already offer a type of wedding invitation that comes ready made in the style of the aforementioned Great Gatsby, so you wouldn’t even have to look far for your ideal style or inspiration.

Whatever style you go for with your wedding invitations, just make sure they are glitzy and golden enough to set the tone of your Roaring Twenties theme!

Pay extra attention to the clothing choices

The Roaring Twenties were a time where fashion really took off and everybody wanted to dress immaculately. So you, your partner, your wedding party and all of your guests should follow suit of this mantra and make sure that they dress to impress!

When it comes to choosing the bride’s dress, make sure to take as much inspiration as you can from the styles adorned by Zelda Fitzgerald, an American socialite whose heyday came slap bang in the middle of the Roaring Twenties.

You should take Zelda as your inspiration because her styles, particularly her dresses, really did encapsulate the period due to their cream-coloured, bias-cut and regularly embroidered style with gold paillettes.  If you want to truly embrace the Roaring Twenties with your dress choice, then it simply must incorporate all of these things.

If you really want to push the boat in regards to your dress then make sure to have it come laden in all sorts of other embellishments, such as sequins and fringes. Just, whatever you do, do not let the dress be bright white! This will not fit in with the style and theme you are going for — go for a more vintage look, like vanilla, ivory or blush.

When it comes to the groom and the groomsmen, everything needs to look equally as flashy. Preferably, they should all be wearing Gatsby-inspired three-piece suits as they really capture the style that the men of the Roaring Twenties liked to wear and had to wear to fit in with their social groups.

If you’d rather go for a more casual look when it comes to dressing all of the important men in your wedding, then striped blazers and suspenders will fit the bill perfectly.  To really take the style home, whether it be the flashy suit style or the more casual style that you choose, make sure that all of these very important men in your wedding are wearing bow ties!

Finally, make sure to suggest to your guests that them coming dressed in a Roaring Twenties style themselves will only make their special day even better!

Treat your wedding like it is a big stage

Everybody who lived in the Roaring Twenties period loved to go and watch a stage show every now and again — think the cabaret and jazz music — which is why you’re going to need to treat your whole wedding experience as if it is one big stage.

What this means is that you should use your wedding space wisely and transform it into a Gatsby-esque type dining room (or lawn party, if it is an outdoor space that you are working with) wherever and whenever you can. This means using fancy linens to adorn the walls, strung lighting to light up the whole space, vintage suitcases to act as small tables, globes, gramophones and cameras to act as props.

So there you have it, three pieces of Roaring Twenties advice to follow that will turn any wedding into a memorable event. Just whatever you do, do not ever let your wedding preparations put a strain on your relationship.

No matter what theme you decide to go for with your wedding, whether it is a Roaring Twenties theme or not, and no matter how much effort, time and money you are prepared to put into the venture, no wedding is worth destroying a relationship over.

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